Posted by: Brian Musser | July 11, 2016

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Posted by: Brian Musser | May 21, 2018

The Gospel in the Hands of a Telemarketer

One of our largest degree programs at Drexel is the Business School.  It is always interesting to see how a business student will engage their faith while at Drexel.  At times, our Christian student groups have been run on a semi-professional level just because the students were applying classroom strategies to engage the campus with the Gospel.  Then after a year or two when the leadership transitions into a group of engineers or artists the dynamics of the group shifts.  It is always a tension to maintain a group’s identity while still being flexible to foster the ever-changing leadership styles and personalities of the students in the room.  It is fun to harness the creativity of animators, the activity of entrepreneurs, the structure of engineers and the social skills of computer programmers.

I remember taking an accountant on a ministry trip.  He had an internship where one his tasks was to sign people up for credit cards.  This required cold-calls and tabling events.  He knew how to engage people in conversations.  He was accustomed to being turned down by the majority of people with whom he initiated conversations.  He trained to keep going even when the first 50 encounters were negative experiences.  These secular skills came in handy when we decided to share the Gospel at the University of Pittsburgh.

Because Drexel is still on the quarter system our spring break happens later than most other colleges so we have taken advantage of that to go and help other campus ministries nearby.  One year we went to Pittsburgh.  One thing we were really good at was using an evangelism tool called Soularium.  This tool is 50 pictures and 5 questions.  You use the pictures to answer the questions.  During spring break, we would go and work alongside other campuses training them in how to use Soularium.  Our accountant was an expert.  I remember him saying something like, “I have been put in so many awkward situations like this only to sell a credit card.  Now I get to use my skills to start conversations to share the Gospel.  This is so much easier and more important.”

That idea stuck with me.  God can use our secular training to prepare us to be better agents for His Kingdom.  Even while being a telemarketer you might be developing skills that can be used for His glory.

Posted by: Brian Musser | May 14, 2018

I Think Differently

A student leader of mine was asking my advice about an in depth spiritual conversation he was having with one of his peers.  As the story proceeded I started to piece details of the context together.  The conversation was happening late at night.  My student leader was woken from sleep in his bed by the conversation.  And then it became apparent that this deep, meaningful, life changing spiritual conversation was happening via text message.  Now it did not surprise me that they could have such a conversation via text.  I have long been aware that many young adults can communicate through texts easier than face to face or voice to voice.  I have had negotiations with students about how we should continue meaningful long-distance conversations.  Although not perfect, my default is a phone call. It is just easier for me.  Often their default is text messaging. It is just more significant in their minds.

What surprised me was that my student leader did not think it was an important detail to share with me.  In his mind “conversation” includes text messages.  In my mind the word “conversation” was defined long before text messages existed and although text message conversations are a category I have adopted into my life they inhabit a part of my brain that is nearby to conversations, maybe even conversation adjacent.  But text messages are distinct and always will be distinct from conversations to me.  This makes me think of the dialogue between Bane and Batman in The Dark Knight Rises, “you merely adopted the dark. I was born in it, molded by it.”  Because of technology the next generation fundamentally thinks about communication differently than I do.    That may not be a huge difference but it makes me wonder what other differences are there that I don’t know about.  What other words do we both use but mean slightly different things?

Posted by: Brian Musser | December 13, 2017

Prayer for Students during Final Exams at Drexel University

Dear Heavenly Father, Lord God Almighty, Maker of Heaven and Earth, Creator of All Things,

Lord, it is Finals week at Drexel again, please be with us.  First and foremost protect us.  Protect us from violence, from evil, from illness and even from ourselves.  More than anything else I pray that everyone makes it through this week unharmed.  We can recover from poor performances, lack of sleep, bad grades and damaged relationships but please protect us from those things that we can not recover from.  Get us through this week.  Help us to survive.



But as we are trying to survive I pray that we are able to thrive.  Give us rest.  Give us success.  Give us the ability to study well.  Help us to learn quickly and remember accurately.  Help us to not waste time on trivial information but to truly apply our minds to that knowledge which we will be evaluated on.  Help us to achieve the right answers on the first try.  Do not allow simple mistakes to cause hours worth of frustration.  And when we have to reproduce that which know help us to communicate it with precision.  Give us the ability to understand the questions and record our answers well.

Lord, help our stress levels.  Do not allow stress and anxiety to cloud our minds.  Do not allow nervousness to interfere with performance.  Give us a calm and a sense of peace.  But on the other hand allow there to be enough stress to motivate us to do the necessary work.  Do not allow us to fall into a false sense of security.  Give us the ability to be balanced.

And finally Lord, help us to know that we are valuable independent of our performance.  You love us and are invested in our lives outside of how well we do on these finals.  Do not allow us to questions our worth because of bad grades.  Help our grades to be a measure of what we can do but not a statement about who we are.  Give each one of us a sense that we are worth you love no matter our degree.  Jesus Christ’s death for our sins so that we can have a restored relationship with God is where our identity should be rooted and not in the grades we will get because of these finals.

And we pray all of these things in the strong name of Jesus Christ the one who defeated death, Amen.

Posted by: Brian Musser | November 13, 2017

Drexel Jedi Club

A local pastor brought some ministry friends of his from Arkansas to Philadelphia to see what types of ministries with which they could missionally partner.  One of their stops was to connect with me at Drexel.  We had a great time of talking about different ministry opportunities.  Then later that night they came to an outreach event we do on campus during Welcome Week called Campus Wide Worship (CWW).  CWW is a joint worship time for several of the Christian student organizations to join together in worship.  We do it outside in a very nice garden-esque part of the campus.  Often it one of the largest Christian events that we do on campus every year.  It is a great event in and of itself.


I’m not sure why but during the event one of visitors from Arkansas wandered away from the worship and started chatting with the Drexel Jedi Club that was practicing with their lightsabers about fifty yards away.  In case that last sentence hit you kind of funny let me confirm that information you may be wondering about.  Yes, we have a recognized student organization at Drexel that practices using lightsabers.  During his conversation our wanderer engages a girl from the Jedi Club in a very introductory spiritual conversation.  (Yes, there are girls in the Drexel Jedi Club.)  He later returns to our event and informs me about the conversation.


With that information, I talk to one of my Christian student leaders who is also a member of the Drexel Jedi Club.  He knows the girl personally and had made attempts to talk to her about Jesus, but was never able to find the right time or the right way to initiate the conversation.  His face lights up and immediately knows that following up on the conversation gives him the perfect way to talk to her.  So the next meeting of the Drexel Jedi Club he is able to follow-up and has a good conversation with her, and one other member of the group, and is hopefully certain that the conversation will continue.

Posted by: Brian Musser | November 8, 2017



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