Posted by: Brian Musser | June 7, 2011

Finals Week Prayer June 2011

Dear Heavenly Father, Lord God Almighty, Maker of Heaven and Earth, Creator of all Good Things,  Lover of our souls, Forgiver of our sins.  Leader of our lives,

We come at this moment in this time because we are in need.  Finals week is here and finals week is hard.  Please, Lord, be with us.  Guide and direct us. Help us to make good decisions.  Help us to manage our time well.  Give us the discipline to study.  Give us the concentration to study long if necessary.  Give us wisdom in what to study.  Help us to know what extra things to say no to this week.  Bless us with finding quiet and distracting corners of the campus where our friends can’t find us to tempt us with goofing off because their finals are already done.

Lord, comfort us.  Give us rest.  Help us to be able to sleep when needed knowing that ultimately our success and failure is in your hands.  Remove anxiety.  Remove fear.  Do not let the stress and pressure affect us negatively.  Allow just enough of it to motivate us to our maximum effort but not too much that cripples us with doubt and worry.  Lord, allow us to live balanced lives even during this unbalanced week.  Help us to still think about you and your things.  Help us to keep all of this in the context of a loving relationship with the Almighty God of the Universe.  Lord, bless us with exactly what we need to thrive in this moment.

Lord, help our minds to work well.  Help us to easily recall what we already know.  Help us to understand exactly what the questions are asking.  Help us to answer the questions that are asked accurately and precisely.  We don’t ask for special knowledge but only the ability to best use the knowledge we have.  Do not allow simple mistakes and errors to interfere with our ability to perform up to the standards required.  Help us to be careful.

Lord, in some small way get your glory out of our effort.  Help us to do all this mental and physical work in an attitude of worship.  Help us to realize that we are in some way learning about the world you created and praise you for it.  Help us to understand that we are using the skills and talents you have created within us and praise you for it.  Help us to acknowledge that we are only here by you grace and mercy and praise you for it.  Get you glory out of our effort.  Allow us to Lord our God with all of our minds.

We ask these things in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.


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