Posted by: Brian Musser | July 13, 2011

Coordinator of Spiritual Life

Since we just went through commencement, I felt it would be an appropriate time to summarize the extraordinary year we have just had and share with you some of the bold plans we have in the future.

This has been a year of unprecedented access to the University.  I have been able to connect to Drexel University in a ways that I never expected.  In July, I started an experiment when the University hired me to the part-time (10 hr/wk) position of Coordinator of Spiritual Life.  This was a brand new position at Drexel in response to the spiritual and religious needs of the students at the University.   The Student Life administration specifically sought me out to fulfill this position.  Drexel University was comfortable with the Baptist Campus Minister being primarily responsible to his Baptist supervisors and faith, but four 10 hours a week to be tasked to do what is best for the University in regards to spirituality and religion.

Over the past year as Coordinator of Spiritual Life I have been able to do things that the Baptist Campus Minister never could.  We established a guide and evaluated procedures of how the University would react if a dangerous group was negatively impacting our students.  Often when a religious cult creates chaos on a campus the University’s knee-jerk reaction has negative implications for all religious groups.  However; by starting this conversation proactively, hopefully, our reactions will show clear distinctions between the legitimate friendly religious groups and those that are demonstrably harmful.

Then I’ve had the privilege of engaging the Muslim Student Association in ways that the Baptist Campus Minister never could.  We have worked on several projects together.  A graduating senior who spoke  on an occasion for the Muslim Student Association introduced me to his parent’s as the reverend whom the MSA trusts.  Through these relationships I have had the privilege to individually talkto many of the Muslim student leaders on campus about God, the differences between Christianity and Islam, forgiveness, the difference between Jesus’ place in Christianity and Islam.  I wasn’t  sharing the gospel with random acquaintances just trying to get  them to convert so that I could feel good about myself .   These conversations were in the midst of everyday relationships with students who have become my friends as we’ve done projects together.  This might not be a normal statement you hear from a Baptist Minister but it is really cool that the Muslim Prayer is right next to my office.  I get to see my friends so much more often that way.



  1. Spiritual life is quite unique because it embodies a life that is free from being to materialistic. :;`.:


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