Posted by: Brian Musser | July 13, 2011

Student Ministries

Since we are on the topic of students, I think this would be a good time to describe what things we have organized for students on campus.  We have two functioning student organizations:  Disciples InDeed and PEACE & POWER.  Each one has a unique purpose.

Disciples InDeed is probably the easiest to explain so I’ll start there.  It is a Christian Student organization that intentionally interacts with the urban, hip hop and African American population on campus.  They are connected with the Gospel Choir.  On a weekly basis they focus on accountability and discipleship.  They have female discipleship and male discipleship groups that meet.  Then on a monthly basis they do a large group event called Concepts and Core Values.  This is one of my favorite things to do.  If you gave a group of creative committed Christian students free reign to do whatever they wanted to do to display the gospel in a culturally appropriate manner Concepts and Core Values would be what they came up with.  It is a mix of open mic, guest performances, multi-media presentations and guest speakers/ local pastors all focusing on one relevant topic each month.  They try through Holy Spirit guided conversation and study to figure out what God thinks about that topic.  It is awesome and unique.

The second group is PEACE & POWER.  This was the first group we started.  P&P is my baby.  It is my experimental think tank.  We take a small number of committed Christian leaders and ask two questions of them.  What specific area of your Christian walk do you want to dedicate this year to working on?  And then what specific issue, problem or project in your world do you want to work on with God’s help to fix?  The PEACE of Jesus Christ to change your life:  The POWER of God to change your world.  It is very individually tailored, relationship oriented and quality time focused.  The student leaders of P&P get more of my immediate attention than anyone else at Drexel.  I almost don’t care what the results of P&P are on campus as long as we produce well-discipled and well-equipped graduates who are ready to continue to grow throughout their lives and will impact their world wherever they end up.  It is hard to point to what P&P “does” besides one on one meetings and then specific projects that we have done.  It is so much easier to talk about who we “are” because the individual student’s impact throughout the campus is considerable and noteworthy.


Anything to add?

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