Posted by: Brian Musser | July 13, 2011

Student Stories

Now don’t get me wrong student ministry is still a large part of what I do.  This past week I saw two of the most significant students is my ministry graduate.  On Friday, Tim McJilton graduated from Drexel with dual degrees in Computer Science and Physics.  Tim has been the student face of PEACE & POWER for the last five years.  With him in charge of things PEACE & POWER Christian Fellowship has gone from an idea in my head to a functional student organization that has greatly changed the face of Drexel University.   Over the last five years Tim has been a friend and trusted opinion but more importantly a co-laborer for Christ on Drexel’s campus.  It has been fascinating ministering so closely with someone so similar to me.  He’ll definitely deny any resemblance.  I don’t do the misty-eyed farewells but Tim’s constant presence will be greatly missed.  It has been an honor to be part of his journey.

The second student graduate that I want to mention is Haider Hasan.  Tim introduced me to Haider four years ago as a student interested in learning more about Jesus.   Haider is not a Christian but through the years we have been able to walk through the Gospel of Mark and the Gospel of John together.  It was extremely refreshing to see Scripture through brand new eyes.  Christians miss so many things as we read through the text because of its familiarity to us.  Haider had never read it before.  He had never heard the stories before.  He had no assumptions or biases.  His questions were sometimes so basic that they were also profound.  Not only will I miss my friend but I’ll also miss the unique perspective I got about Scripture as we talked about it together.  Haider is moving on to study his Ph.D. at UC Berkeley and has asked me to connect him with a Christian minister there.  Please pray that he is able to develop a quality relationship with my contact in San Francisco.


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