Posted by: Brian Musser | July 13, 2011

The Future of the Ministry at Drexel

A year of unprecedented access to the University has inspired us to dream in ways that were previously unimaginable.  This expanding vision will lead to a few changes.

The first change is in the name of the ministry.  Although I spent a considerable amount effort in developing the name PEACE & POWER Christian Fellowship it no longer encompasses all that we do.  Disciples InDeed is just as important.  Someday the Sunday afternoon Bible study may develop into its own entity.  I am very active in ministering to faculty and professional staff as well.  As the ministry has developed into an official presence  at Drexel, I have not only become the visionary behind PEACE & POWER but have been designated the Baptist Campus Minister by both the local churches and the University.  When the University made an agreement giving access, the arrangement was with the Baptist Convention of Pennsylvania and  South Jersey.  What started as PEACE & POWER (a small student ministry) has become the multi-faceted Baptist Campus Ministries at Drexel University.  That is a much more descriptive term of who we have become that includes PEACE & POWER but is a whole lot more.

The second change is in personnel.  I need help.  There is not only theoretically too much to do serving a campus of 20,000 students and 6,000 employees, but I have at the present moment more immediate opportunities than what I can say yes to.  I am going to intentionally start looking for ways to raise the necessary amount to hire a part-time (at least) assistant student minister.  In the near future we will be directly connecting with our contacts, churches, alumni and other friends of the ministry to try and expand our ministry partners.  If you have any contacts (family, friends, colleagues, churches, small groups) that you think may be interested in hearing about our ministry and that you would be willing to connect us with, let me know.

The third piece is perhaps the most ambitious undertaking I’ve ever attempted.  I want to establish a scholarship for a Christian international student at Drexel.  This endeavor is greatly motivated by my trip to Haiti.  With my contacts within the University system I can basically ensure a student’s success if they can get into Drexel.  I want to be able to take a Christian student from an underprivileged portion of the world.  Then not only give them a Drexel education but also work with them while they are here in Philadelphia and connect them with the expansive Christian network that I have developed.  I would also provide practical ministry development  experience while at Drexel and give them all the tools they need to return to their country with everything they need to establish a kingdom-building, difference-making ministry.  Can you imagine the difference a Drexel trained engineer backed by the powerof the Philadelphia churches could make in place like Haiti?

Please pray for these plans.  They are grand enough that the only way they are going to work is if God is behind them.


Anything to add?

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