Posted by: Brian Musser | November 5, 2011

Award Announcement: Brian wins the 2011 Drexel University President’s Award for Intercultural Engagement and Diversity!

Drexel’s faculty and professional staff, along with friends and supporters of the University, gathered on Wednesday, November 2 to celebrate the 2011 recipients of the President’s Awards. There were 180 people nominated for awards by their colleagues this year; seven awards were presented to a total of 38 recipients.

Brian was this year’s winner of the Drexel University President’s Award for Intercultural Engagement and Diversity.

Brian was the only recipient who received a nomination directly from students.  You can the articles about the awards:

At the ceremony, the President of the University, John Frye, said of  Brian’s faithful efforts, “well-deserved, well-deserved.”

It is because of your faithful prayers and support that our presence on campus is possible.  It is because of the faithfulness of monthly partnerships that our ministry is able to receive such humbling recognition.  Each day we seek to reach a campus of  20,000 students & 6,000 staff.  THANKYOU!!!  

Please help our work continue by making a contribution to our ministry.  We ask you to prayerfully consider becoming a monthly ministry partner.  Your financial support helps us meet all of our living and ministry expenses each month.  We are your missionaries to Drexel University.  Give today.


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