Posted by: Brian Musser | May 22, 2012

10 Reasons Your Church Should Invest in Campus Ministry

10. Because the majority of students will never go to your church or any church while they are at college.

9.  Because the majority of the children in your church will attend a college or university.

8.  Because through children, grandchildren, friends, neighbors, employees and alumni your church has more connections to colleges and universities than you think.

7.  Because churches provide very little for college students when compared to other stages of life i.e. children, youth, married couples, adults.

6.  Because universities want churches and other religious groups to invest in students through campus ministries and student organizations.

5.  Because campus ministers are only financially supported by the donations from local churches and individual Christians.

4.  Because your church could impact the entire world through connecting with the future international students and leaders on our campuses.

3. Because the Church needs to be involved with the institution that determines how our culture thinks.

2. Because students are pondering life’s big questions of work, money, relationships, lifestyle, location and purpose and the Church needs to be in the conversation.

1.  Because the students, faculty, professional staff and administration on our campuses still need to have the message of Jesus’ life, death and resurrection available to them.

Anything to add?

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