Posted by: Brian Musser | June 7, 2012

Drexel Photo Prayer Blog 3

One of my passions is to intimately connect the larger body of Christ in our churches with our academic communities.  There is so much going on at Universities and Colleges.  Students, faculty, professional staff and administration need you to know and care about who they are and what they do.  From time to time I will post an image of Drexel and some related prayer concerns. Although I work specifically at Drexel and these posts will be specifically about Drexel, please use these prayer posts to not only pray for Drexel but for the academic community most closely connected to you and all academic communities in general.  For the majority of the pictures the photographer is Michael “Hair” Kelley the Baptist Campus Minister at Widener University.  He is a semi-professional photographer so if you like his work feel free to contact him at

3201 Arch Street is the home of several offices at Drexel.  The one we are highlighting today is the Steinbright Career Development Center (SCDC). Photo by Michael “Hair” Kelley.

This building may not look like much.   The building does not even have a real fancy name.  We call it 3201 Arch Street.  Its name is its address.  But within the building is an office that is at the heart of what makes Drexel University unique.  Within 3201 Arch Street is the Steinbright Career Development Center (SCDC).  The SCDC is affectionately known on campus as the Co-op office. A large portion of students attend Drexel because of the Co-op program.  Typically working from a five year schedule students will graduate with a Bachelor’s Degree and 18 months of professional experience within their field.  The Co-op program is internships on steroids.  Your middle three years at Drexel you will spend 6 months in class and then 6 months at work.  This creates a unique environment for learning.  Please Pray:

1. Pray that students are able to find quality co-ops.  That these co-ops meet their educational, career and financial needs.  Pray that these co-ops are worthwhile.

2.  Pray that students do not confuse their employment value with their self-worth.  Students will go through at least 3 job hunts while at Drexel and will sometimes be unsuccessful and/or under-successful with finding a co-op.  Help students to know that they are valuable outside of just their resume.

3.  Pray that Christian students take the co-op process as a time to really think through God’s calling in their lives.  How will their future profession connect with their faith?  They get three opportunities to practice working as a Christian.  Pray that they take that opportunity seriously.

4.  Pray that Christian students are able to impact the companies they co-op for with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  Pray that the marketplace and the Kingdom of God interact more with each other because of Drexel student’s co-op experience.

5.  Pray for students as they try to maintain a hectic, furious and non-stop pace for five years.  Most students see working a 9-5 co-op as more relaxing than being in one of the ten week academic terms.  That may communicate a little bit of the stress that trying to fit 15 week semesters into terms creates.

6.  Pray that I am successful in connecting the experienced Christian professionals in our churches with the Drexel students who are becoming professionals.  Pray that these connections are meaningful experiences for students to see how to be a Christian in their field.

7.  Pray for me as I try to balance the simultaneous ministry to students and employees.  Pray that I am successful in developing my Work-Ship project.  (A Bible Study designed to help students connect their Christian faith to their future employment.)

Thank you for your prayers.  If you took the time to pray for Drexel students today please let us know by leaving a comment below.


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