Posted by: Brian Musser | June 9, 2012

Giving a Shout Out to Concepts4Christ

It is Saturday! As I’m sitting here still in my pajamas, drinking coffee, I was wondering what should I post about today.  I’m trying to keep a schedule of my posts.

  • Sundays typically will be a run down of all the weeks significant events happening with either DID or PEACE & POWER at Drexel.  Churches can get in on this too if they get their event information to me.
  • Mondays I will do a post about Sharing Your Faith.
  • Tuesdays will focus on connecting churches to students.
  • Wednesdays are about connecting students to churches.
  • Thursday I want to get you to pray for something specific about Drexel.  I will also be featuring a photograph by Michael “Hair” Kelley.
  • Fridays are all about the Work-Ship: the Theology of Work.
  • Saturdays I have left undesignated in case I miss a day during the week or to highlight something random that doesn’t fit into the other categories.

So today, I have a free day to post anything I want.  Muhahaha!  I choose to give a shout out to a good friend of mine Lawrence Lockett Jr. aka. Concepts4Christ.  Concepts is a Drexel Alum.  He has been very important in the organization of Disciples InDeed Christian Fellowship.  He has used his Christian hip-hop skills and connections to provide top-notch talent for our monthly multimedia Christian experience called Concepts & Core Values (CCV).  Not only does Concepts know everyone in the Christian hip-hop network in Philadelphia, I think they all owe him a favor which he uses often for our benefit at Drexel.  So check him out:


facebok: Concepts4Christ

myspace: Concepts4Christ


If you want to give a shout to Concepts as well, let him hear it in the comment section.

In other random news, I’ll be headed to Grace Church of Philly this Sunday @ 4 PM.  Connect with me if you want to tag along.


Anything to add?

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