Posted by: Brian Musser | June 11, 2012

Prayer For Finals

Dear Heavenly Father, LORD, God Almighty, Maker of Heaven and Earth, Creator of all Good, Leader of our lives, Lover of our souls,

Lord, be with us at this time, as we enter into a period of heightened stress and chaos.  Allow us to sense your presence in the midst.  Allow all the busy-ness of finals week not to distract us from you.  Do not let us put our God on the shelf because the tests have come.  Help us to continue with You in the forefront of our minds, on the tip of our tongues, at the very entry ways of our hearts.  Be our priority even when there are so many demands upon our time.

Lord, give us peace.  Remove the anxiety.  Remove all fear.  Remove worries and doubts that come when we must perform.  Help our ability to reproduce on exams not to be diminished because of nervousness or anxiety.  Help us to be able to accurately demonstrate our knowledge in whatever form the exam may require.  Help us to understand the questions.  Help us to be able to take our time and to read carefully and to make connections between the questions and the answers that are in our heads.

Lord, give us wisdom.  With limited time help us to make good decisions on what to study and what to learn.  Help us to make good decisions on where to study.  Help us make good decisions on how to study.  Give us wisdom in arranging our studying that makes the most efficient use of the next several days as possible.  Help us also to know when to take a break.  Help us to know when the best possible thing to do is to get real food or to get real sleep or to get real relaxation.  Help those non-studying times to be re-creational so that when we get back to studying it can be fruitful.

Lord, give us assurance.  Help us to know that our value and our worth in your eyes cannot be measured by a test.  Help us to know that we are more than our grades suggest.  Even if our grades are superb helps us to see our worth through your eyes and not through the eyes of our professors, parents or colleagues.  Allow us to have a Holy perspective on what these exams mean to your kingdom.

Lord bless us.  Keep us and guide us.  Help things to go right this week.  Help outside chaos to be removed.  Do not let family crises or relationship issues or everyday problems to inhibit our ability to concentrate on our exams.  Help the chaos that can be finals week to happen around us and not to us.

We pray these things in the strong and powerful name of Jesus Christ the one who defeated the grave.



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