Posted by: Brian Musser | June 13, 2012

Prayer For Finals

Dear Heavenly Father, Lord God Almighty, Maker of Heaven and Earth, Creator of All Good Things, Lover of our Souls, Leader of our Lives, Forgiver of our Sins,

Lord, help us to perform well today.  We are probably tired.  We are probably stressed.  We are probably distracted with how much needs to happen in the next couple of days.  Lord, help us to be able to concentrate in the moment.  Help us to be able to be totally present in the exam times.  Help us not to be distracted when we are studying.  Help us not to be overwhelmed by all that needs to done this week.  Help us not to be rendered immobile because of the stress and anxiety of the week.

Lord, help us to behave well today.  We are tired and stressed.  Help us to take a few extra seconds to think about what we are going to say to our roommates and our friends and our families, so that we don’t say something we regret.  Help our attitudes not to be deflated because of the pressure we may feel at this moment.  Help our testimony not to be compromised by a lapse of conscience that would never have happened when we were at top performing shape.  Help the fruit of the Spirit still completely describe our actions during this time.  When we relax and re-create, help us to choose valuable and meaningful ways to recharge our batteries.

Lord, forgive us for when we do act outside of your character.  Let us not use excuses to avoid our failures but to look them in the eyes and ask you for forgiveness because we know that you a faithful and just to forgive what we confess.

Lord, keep us from believing the lies.  We are tired and stressed.  It will be easier for us to doubt our worth and value.  It will be easier for us to measure ourselves against our neighbor.  It will be easier to see our faults and weaknesses.  Lord, today send a little extra grace so that we are reminded of our value through your eyes so that those doubts just wash away.

Lord, in all these things just get your glory in and through us even during finals week.

We pray these things in the strong and powerful name of Jesus Christ the one who overcame death, Amen.



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