Posted by: Brian Musser | June 14, 2012

Prayer For Finals

Dear Heavenly Father, Lord Almighty, Maker of Heaven and Earth, Creator of all Good Things, Lover of Our Souls, Leader of Our Lives, Comforter, Friend, Guide and Director,

Lord, we need you at this moment to lift us up.  We are weak and weary.  We have put in a great deal of effort.  A great deal of activity.  We have gone through a lightning fast 10 week term.  We have struggled through to Thursday of Finals Week.  We are tired.  Give us energy.  give us strength.  Give us perseverance to get through these next couple of days.  Do not let us fall short of what we have been working for so hard for the last couple of months.  Do not let us compromise all that work and effort because of how we feel right now.  Lord, lift us up and give us a God hug to get us through.

Lord, help our minds to function on little sleep.  Help our minds to work through the stress and anxiety.  Help us still to be able to learn in physical and emotional conditions that are not completely ideal.  Help us to be a little bit more than we have in the past; to be able to push ourselves a little bit farther than we usually do.  Help us to be able to tap those last little bits of our resources so that we can achieve to the best our abilities.

But Lord, help us to keep it all in perspective.  Help us to truly “love the Lord our God with all of our … minds” tonight and tomorrow.  Help us to this because we want to honor and serve you with all that we are and a big part of who we are is our minds.  Help this week to become a moment where we train our minds and form our minds and transform our minds into instruments that are better shaped to bring you glory.  The better we think, the better we can think about you.

Lord, and when we have reached our end, when we have come to everything we have, when we have worked as hard as we can give us peace to rest in your arms.  Give us the knowledge that our best is all you ask of us.  Nothing more is required.  Do not let us be intimidated when the exams or the material or the professor demands more than we can give.  Allow us to rest knowing that the God of the universe is satisfied with us when we use all the He has given us for his glory.  Our best is enough to please Him.

We pray all these things in the strong and powerful name of Jesus the one who beat death, Amen.



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