Posted by: Brian Musser | June 16, 2012


There won’t be much going on with the Blog today because I will be a little bit busy!

9:00 AM LeBow College of Business – Rev. Brian Musser will be delivering the Invocation. Chris Akinrinade, Michael Bates, Tashina Henry  and Jeff Shafer (all members of Disciples InDeed) will be walking!!! Congratulations!!!

You can watch Drexel University’s Commencements here:  You can find my Invocation at around 00:36:30 of the 9 AM LeBow Commencement.  You may also recognize some students walking across the stage at 2:12:00 of the same video.  You can find my second Invocation at around 00:35:20 of the 1 PM College of Nursing and Health Professions School of Public Health Commencement.


  1. i cried from melody to jake washburn…

    • I almost panicked when Jeff went down on one knee. I thought he fell or I tripped him. I laughed when I saw that Mike got hit by confetti. But I was quite proud of myself that I didn’t actually break down into tears on stage at that time.

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