Posted by: Brian Musser | June 25, 2012

My Other 10 Reasons You Should Tell The Story of Jesus’ Life, Death and Resurrection

I am an Evangelical Christian.  Often as an Evangelical Christian I find myself attending Evangelical Christian Churches.  (Imagine that.)  One of the defining factors of being evangelical is the belief in “our personal responsibility to share Christ with others.”  (The Barna Group defines evangelicals.)  As one of the defining factors of the group I self-identify with I hear a lot about it.  Many times we talk about sharing our faith with others, telling others about Jesus, witnessing, sharing the Gospel, proclaiming the Good News, and doing evangelism.  You can get an idea of how prominent it is in our culture by how many phrases we have to describe it.  The central theme in most of these conversations about evangelism is trying to motivate people in evangelical churches to do evangelism.  Over the years I have notice two prominent reasons that are given for doing evangelism.

1)  Those who don’t know Jesus are going to Hell so you need to tell them about Jesus so that they can be saved.

2)  God has commanded us, His followers, to tell others about Him.

These two motivational ideas are Biblically sound.  We can find vast support for them in our inspired Scriptures, however; they don’t seem to be as motivating as we would like them to be.  Many people can shake their heads in agreement with points one and two and still do not share Jesus with others.  With that said I’ve tried to develop a longer list of reasons to share your faith.  This is My Other  10 Reasons You Should Tell the Story of Jesus’ Life, Death and Resurrection.

1)  It’s being honest.  Sometimes you have to share the story because it is the only way you can explain how and what you are thinking and why you make the decisions that you do.  Not sharing it at those type of moments would be not being entirely honest.

2)  It’s a great story.  We love telling stories that are good stories.  This is the greatest story ever told and is worth telling well and often.

3)  You want to be different.  If you want to be a rebel or to be radical, there is nothing more radical than telling the story of Christ dieing to save humanity.  And then throw on top of it the fact that rose from the dead.  That’s just crazy awesome radical.

4)  Jesus’ life, death and resurrection has deeply changed your life and you really like talking about yourself.  Telling your salvation experience is another way to talk about your favorite topic, YOU.

5)  You are a normal person and there are a ton of other normal people out there who will find the story of Jesus as interesting as you do.

6)  You can’t help it.  It is so much a part of who you are and how you think that it just comes up in conversation naturally.

7)  That person you are talking to needs to understand you on a deeper level and they can’t unless you reveal your innermost motivations which is the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

8)  Not only is it a great story but it is also a true story.  Telling it is retelling history.

9)  Explaining the Gospel to someone else helps you better understand it yourself.

10)  The person you are talking to asked you a question about your life that you can only explain with reference to the Gospel.

Often we put evangelism into this special category of conversations.  We think that we can only talk about God at certain places and certain times.  We need to be able to tell the story of Jesus whenever, however, wherever and for whatever reason it is appropriate.  I am married to Jennifer and have a daughter named Julianna.  I am a huge Pittsburgh Steeler fan.  I am a Christian whose life has been radically altered by the Life, Death and Resurrection of Jesus Christ.  In my mind conversations about any one of those three pieces of information about me are normal every day things you need to know about who I am.

Feel free to leave a comment about why do you share the story of Jesus’ life, death and resurrection with others.


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