Posted by: Brian Musser | June 28, 2012

Drexel Photo Prayer Blog 5

One of my passions is to intimately connect the larger body of Christ in our churches with our academic communities.  There is so much going on at Universities and Colleges.  Students, faculty, professional staff and administration need you to know and care about who they are and what they do.  From time to time I will post an image of Drexel and some related prayer concerns. Although I work specifically at Drexel and these posts will be specifically about Drexel, please use these prayer posts to not only pray for Drexel but for the academic community most closely connected to you and all academic communities in general.  For the majority of the pictures the photographer is Michael “Hair” Kelley the Baptist Campus Minister at Widener University.  He is a semi-professional photographer so if you like his work feel free to contact him at

Drexel’s Main Building looking down Chestnut St. toward Center City.
Photo by Brian Musser.

From Drexel Park looking east toward Center City, Philadelphia.
Photo by Michael “Hair” Kelley

From Market St. looking east toward Center City, Philadelphia.
Photo by Michael “Hair” Kelley.

Today as the Summer begins in earnest in Philly.  As Drexel students study while so many other schools are on an extended break.  Let’s pray for the unique context of doing college in the heart of a major urban environment.  As you can see from the pictures above Drexel University is in the heart of Philadelphia.

1)  Please pray for safety.  Sometimes just crossing the street can be a challenge.

2)  Please pray for wisdom.  A lack of wisdom about where you are, what time it is and who you are with can make a great difference in your safety.

3)  Please pray that students at Drexel, especially the Christian students, get a passion to make a positive and substantial change in the city of Philadelphia.

4)  Please pray for the relationships between Drexel (as a whole), Drexel students and the surrounding communities.  Pray that the University does what is right to help those communities.  Pray that the students show respect for the communities around them.  Pray that they are able to invest in those communities and learn from them.  Pray that the communities are able to see Drexel as part of their world.

5)  Please pray that Christian students decide to do the good things that an urban environment has to offer.

6)  Please pray that Christian students decide to avoid the bad things that an urban environment has to offer.

7)  Please pray that Christian students can still find a sanctuary to connect with God and time to do His work when there is always a million other interesting things going on in a city.

8)  Please pray for me as I learn to minister in this context.

Thank you for your prayers.  If you took the time to pray for Drexel students today please let us know by leaving a comment below.


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