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Sermons, Lectures and Bible Studies

Reverend Brian Musser has many opportunities to teach and speak either on campus, in churches or at conferences. The following is a selected list of the topics Brian has engaged in various settings.  Some of these are available online through video or audio files.  If you would like a copy of the notes or PowerPoint presentations please contact us directly.  Brian is always willing to teach and speak. If there a specific topic that you would like Brian to present in your context please contact us for scheduling details.

Single Sermons and Lectures:

 Sin and Paper Airplanes – Can Mercy and Justice coexist?

The Bride and the Body (30 Minutes) Selected scriptures PDF available upon request

A sermon on how the concepts of the church as the bride of Christ and the body of Christ are necessary antidotes to the narcissism of our culture.

The Case for Campus Ministry (45 Minutes) PDF available upon request / Podcast available

A lecture on the importance of and opportunities in doing ministry that is intentionally directed toward our institutions of higher education.


The Church and the Next Generation (45 Minutes) PowerPoint presentation available upon request

A lecture that statistically evaluates the current conditions of Christianity in the next generations and encourages the church to intentionally engage these groups for the sake of the culture.

Euclid, Einstein and Elephants (45 Minutes) PDF available upon request / PowerPoint presentation available upon request / Podcast available

This lecture is an examination into the current popular philosophy of Relativism.  It quickly traces the development of relativism throughout history explaining some of the questions and reactions that have brought it to fruition.  Then the lecture demonstrates how the Christian doctrine of the Trinity is the perfect response to relativism.  How does an absolutely perfect eternal community of three persons inform the idea of moral relativism?  How does truth being based in the personal nature of the Godhead make truth both intimately personal and absolute at the same time?  It will also try to help us see that revelation is the only way to understand a universe that’s very existence is rooted in the personal Trinity.

Everyone Must Die (30 Minutes) Romans 7 PDF available upon request

This is a sermon that engages the Christian doctrine that the wages of sin is death.  It gives people the choice between dying to self and sin through Christ or dying as self in sin without Christ.

His Sacrifice: Our Example(30 Minutes) Philippians 2:1-10 PDF available upon request

This sermon asks the questions:  If Christ is our example then should we be willing to die for our enemies?  Who are the enemies of the church and how should we sacrificially serve them?

Job: God’s Chosen Priest (45 Minutes) Selected passages from the Book of Job PDF available upon request

This sermon deals with the ultimate question of is God worthy of our worship because of who He is or just because of the good things He does for us.  Satan challenges the glory of God questioning whether God has bought Job’s worship or not because Satan can buy worship too.  Eventually God allows Satan to strip every extrinsic motivation away from Job’s life so that we can see why He worships God.  This brings us to confront deep personal question about our own spiritual motivations.

Summary of Romans (30 Minutes) Romans Podcast

Transition Defense (45 Minutes) PowerPoint presentation available upon request

This is a lecture designed for students about to enter college.  It encourages them to transition from depending on their parent’s faith into developing and nourishing their own faith.

Trusting Permission (45 Minutes) Matthew 13:18 – 23 PowerPoint presentation available upon request

This is a lecture that takes seriously the work of the Holy Spirit in evangelism with the assumption that if the Spirit is prompts you to share the gospel with someone then the Spirit is also working on that individual to be shared with.  We will discover some interesting ideas of how to approach evangelism from a perspective of intentionally discovering where the Spirit is working in the other person’s life.  Based on the book “Permission Evangelism” by Michael Simpson.

What’s the Difference: Is There a Substantial Difference Between Christianity and Other Religions? (30 Minutes) 1 Corinthians 15 PDF available upon request / PowerPoint presentation available upon request

This sermon was developed in particular response to Sam Harris’ book “The End of Faith” in which he labels all religions and their adherents as irrational, guilty and dangerous.  Many parts of the book I would have agreed with if he was just talking about Christian cults or radical Islam but He was also talking about Orthodox Christianity.  This sermon uses the historical fact of the resurrection to demonstrate that there is a difference between Christianity and other religions.  And that Harris’ argument, although valid for some, do not impact the facts of Christianity.

Who We Are:  A Missional Redefinition of Church (30 – 45 Minutes) Daniel 9:4-19 PDF Available upon request / Video available

This sermon seeks to encourage the body of Christ to define itself by the lost communities they sacrificially invest in outside of the walls of the church.  It asks the question: “Who are we being Christ-like towards by intentionally, missionally, and redemptively engaging with the gospel?”  We try to evaluate the “us vs. them” mentality found in so many churches through the eyes of a savior who died for his enemies.  It ends by identifying our “enemies” and asking how we can die for them.

Sermon Series and Bible Studies


The Sermon on the Mount: The Greatest Sermon by the Greatest Preacher (8 Part 30 Minute Bible Study Series) Matthew 5 – 7 PDF available upon request

1:  Who Is Blessed?  The Beatitudes Matthew 5:1 – 10

Blessing from God is not dependent on us or what we do but is solely based on the presence of Jesus.

2: A Whole New Game: Salt and Light Matthew 5:10 – 20

Jesus redefines the spiritual context of the Jewish comparing himself to righteousness and questioning God’s continued blessing on the Jews if they are not fulfilling the purpose of blessing all nations.

3: The Law of the Heart: Fulfillment of the Law Matthew 5:21 – 37

Using specific passages from the Law, Jesus illustrates our desperate need to have our hearts transformed.

4: The Ultimate Love: Love Your Enemies Matthew 5:38 – 48

The sure sign that our heart has been transformed is love and the ultimate example of love is love for our enemies.

5: Manipulating God: The Ultimate Prayer Matthew 6:1 – 18

Jesus calls into question how we often use prayer and other spiritual disciplines to try and manipulate God or others which is a demonstration of our lack of trust in God’s love and blessing.

6: Trusting God: Seek His Kingdom Matthew 6:19 – 34

The God of the universe will take care of you because He wants to do what is ultimately best for whom He loves.  We are completely safe in His hands.

7: God’s Invitation: Blessing Like God Does Matthew 7: 1 – 12

God always invites but never forces or manipulates others.

8:  Jesus’ Way: Live on this Foundation Matthew 7:13 – 29

Jesus offers a challenge for us to live in the world He has established by the rules he has created no matter how radically different they are from the norm.

Spiritual Infection: How to share Your Faith Today with Someone You Knew Yesterday, and Still Be Friends Tomorrow. (6 Part 60 Minute Bible Study Series) PDF available upon request

Spiritual Infection is an evangelism training that takes seriously the personal, relational and missional nature of God as we try to share the story of Jesus with those around us.

1: What are we trying to transmit – What is the gospel?

2: Who are we trying to infect – Who needs to hear the gospel?

3: What is our source – How do we know the gospel?

4: Where are the contact points – How do we get close enough to share the gospel?

5: Who are the vectors – How are we specifically designed to transmit the gospel?

6: How do we increase the chances of infection – How can other Christians help us share the gospel?

What This World Needs (3 Part 30 Minute Sermon Series) 1 John 4:7 – 21  PDF available upon request / PowerPoint presentation available upon request

All three sermons use themes, trends and images from pop culture to discover legitimate emotional and spiritual needs within ourselves and then find the true fulfillment of the needs in God’s design.

1:  What This World Needs:  A Fantastic Reality

This sermon examines how the evil in this world has led us to search for a different reality beyond the edges of time and how that search will ultimately be answered in an eternity spent with God.

2: What This World Needs:  A True Hollywood Hero (used as an individual sermon without the series)

This sermon examines the hero motifs throughout the arts and our desperate need to be saved from something.  Ultimately only Christ fulfills our need for a hero.

3:  What This World Needs: A Faith-filled Forever Family

This sermon examines our search for true community through social media and comes to the conclusion that our need for family can only be filled by participation in the body of Christ.

What We Believe (8 Part 60 Minute Bible Study Series) PDF available upon request

This Bible Study takes us through each one of the core beliefs in PEACE & POWER’s belief statement.

1: God’s Son – The Life Death and Resurrection of Jesus of Nazareth

2: God’s Word – The Holy Bible

3: God’s Nature – The Trinity

4: God’s Work – The Creation

5: God’s Law – Sin vs. Righteousness

6: God’s Way – Salvation

7: God’s People – The Church

8: God Wins – Eternity


Work-ship: A Theological Reflection on How Christianity Directly Applies to Work (12 Part 45 Minute Bible Study Series) PDF available upon request for lessons 1 -6

1. Work-ship an Introduction (used as an individual sermon)

2. God the Father as a Worker

3. God the Son as a Worker

4. God the Spirit as a Worker

5. Man Designed to be a Worker

6. The Limits of Work

7. Knowing God’s Will for your Work (in development)

8. Taking God to Work (in development)

9. Solomon as a Worker (in development)

10. Esther as a Worker (in development)

11. Daniel as a Worker (in development)

12. Joseph as a Worker (in development)

Other Resources on the Web featuring Rev.Brian Musser

Video of Brian preaching on the story of Judah and Tamar


Audio of Brian speaking about Atheism

Audio of Brian speaking on Churchianity



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