Posted by: Brian Musser | August 22, 2012

10 Statements Only Campus Ministers Make

  1. I found it rather ironic when the Jewish Buddhist called me a Post-modern Fundamentalist.
  2. Out of the 15 Pizza shops to choose from California Pizza is the best one to go to on a Tuesday night.
  3. Are you seriously going to teach Bible Study with your face painted for the game?
  4. I started drinking coffee to cut back on my Mountain Dew consumption.  I started drinking Mountain Dew to help kick my Monster habit.
  5. Should I include #freefood in my large group ministry tweet invite this week?  We are talking about Jesus as the Bread of Life.
  6. And this T-Shirt is from the other Fall student retreat we do.  That one is only for freshmen so we gave away a different colored one.
  7. Let’s meet next week at the office.  Not this Starbucks but the one across the street.
  8. I was at work late last night.  We couldn’t end the online gaming ministry party until everybody successfully completed the level.
  9. Should I pray for my non-Christian friends in the Pagan alliance or the Free-thought Society or the Muslim Student Association?  I don’t really have time to pray for them all right now.
  10. Yes, Grandma, I did get a ministry degree from a “real” seminary to do this job.  And it’s okay.  You don’t have to put my resume in for your church’s pastoral position.

Hopefully this fall you will be able to tell a campus minister by them talking about ENGAGE24.  On 10/11/12  (Thursday, October 11th, 2012) I will be engaging my campus will you?  Spread The Word.  Re-post this if you want others to know about ENGAGE24.

Feel free to share other things you have said or heard said by a Campus Minister.


Anything to add?

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