Posted by: Brian Musser | August 27, 2012

This Week at Drexel 8/27 – 9/2

Welcome to Week 10 of the Summer Term!  Finals Start Next Tuesday, Ugh!

Tonight, Monday, 8/27  Disciples InDeed will be combining Male and Female Discipleship this summer.  Tonight is our last lesson on the Sermon on the Mount!  We will be meeting on Mondays at 6 – 8 PM in Greenawalt Conference Room C in the basement of the Creese Student Center at Drexel University.  I will be leading a Bible Study: The Sermon on the Mount:  The Greatest Sermon Ever by the Greatest Preacher Ever.  We will be doing lesson number 5 on the Lord’s Prayer.  Everyone is welcomed to join us.  No experience required.  If you cannot attend a PDF version of the Bible Study is available.

And in case you missed them here is a list of the posts from last week.


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