Posted by: Brian Musser | September 6, 2012

Drexel Photo Prayer Blog 8 – The Future of Business Education

One of my passions is to intimately connect the larger body of Christ in our churches with our academic communities.  There is so much going on at Universities and Colleges.  Students, faculty, professional staff and administration need you to know and care about who they are and what they do.  From time to time I will post an image of Drexel and some related prayer concerns. Although I work specifically at Drexel and these posts will be specifically about Drexel, please use these prayer posts to not only pray for Drexel but for the academic community most closely connected to you and all academic communities in general.  For the majority of the pictures the photographer is Michael “Hair” Kelley the Baptist Campus Minister at Widener University.  He is a semi-professional photographer so if you like his work feel free to contact him at

Early construction of the new LeBow College of Business Building. Photo by Michael “Hair” Kelley

“The Future of Business Education” is the slogan the construction project has taken.  At Drexel and all the other universities throughout our country and the world are students learning how to do their future profession.  These students will not only be the practitioners of these professions but also the creators of what is possible and acceptable within the fields.  Not only are our universities training business men and women but they are also training those who will determine what it means to “good” business professionals.  They are not only training those who use economics to make a living but also those who define what economics means.  What if students were challenged to construct their professions that were completely integrated with their beliefs?  What could happen if this generation of college students were given the ability to define their professions based on Christian principles?

A single man, Adam Smith, wrote a book called The Wealth of Nations that was intended to be a textbook.  Because of what this person believed philosophically economics has forever been changed.  Then two men wrote The Communist Manifesto, Engels and Marx.  An academic book that shook the foundations of business and government.  Both of them have had great affects on what we call economics and business.  Are they Christian?  Are they not?  What would Christian economics look like?  Who is thinking about this question?  Could we develop a generation of Christian business professionals that challenge the very core of their field with Christian principles?

Both Capitalism and Communism have at their core the scarcity principle.  Scarcity principle is the idea that resources are limited to the point that not everyone can have.  What if from a Christian perspective on an academic level we questioned this idea?  What if we assumed that God’s creation has enough resources to function?  Sin may have tainted/destroyed/limit what is available or humanity’s ability to accurately judge enough but there is ultimately sufficient resources to support life as God intended.  What if that is our Christian assumption and we want to develop an economic system that ignores the scarcity principle?  Where do we need to start?  Where will we find the most resistance?  And who will the world quote to make sure we don’t get a foothold?  The development of such an economic system would have to start in the western university (the Harvard and Freiburg of the world) but how would it start there if none of our Christian businessmen are ever given the tools to think about their profession through the lens of Christianity.

So today’s prayer is for the future of business education (and purely by example all education).  Please pray that Christian students are developed to question the very core concepts of their field so that they can create professions that are truly Christian in nature.

I used the scarcity principle in business as an example but are there other business concepts that a Christian could or should questions?

Are their other fields that need to be evaluated from a Christian perspective?  If so which ones?  And how?

Feel free to discuss these questions below in the comment section.

Thank you for your prayers.  If you took the time to pray for Drexel students today please let us know by leaving a comment below.


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