Posted by: Brian Musser | September 7, 2012

Re-Creating During Drexel’s Break Week

If you haven’t noticed yet Drexel University marches to the beat of its on drum.  We pride ourselves for running (sprinting )at our own pace.  Tomorrow is the last day of finals for Drexel’s 10 week summer term.  Please pray for our students as they finish up finals week.  And then we get a 2 week break (kind of).  Some students will be continuing co-op until the last day before Fall term starts.  Some students we be starting co-op immediately after their last summer term final. Faculty, staff and administration will be hanging around preparing for Freshman move-in which begins 9/19 and the fall term 9/24.  Although, I won’t be as scheduled as usual, I will still around campus frequently.  I’ll also be intending to use the break to catch up with supporting churches, pastors, friends and colleagues that I don’t always have a chance to connect with.  As for the blog I have 2 ideas:

1.  I want post my daily prayers on the blog.  A honest glimpse into the head of campus minister.  You will be invited into my prayers for the campus, for students, faculty and staff.  It’ll be a good way to see my hope and dreams for the ministry.  You will see my concerns about connecting with churches.  I will be spending considerable time praying about family and finances.  Please feel free to join me in these prayers.

2.  The summer term we went through the Sermon on the Mount for our Bible Study.  It was really good stuff.  I’ll by consolidating our discussions into 8 posts.  This will take some work to change a discussion into readable posts so it will be a fun learning process.  There is a disclaimer.  I have some strong opinions about the Sermon on the Mount that are contrary to what most people have been taught.  But we will hold off on that until tomorrow.

For now I’m just giving you a head’s up for where we are going in the next week or two.  Later today I will be posting about Work-Ship. continuing our examination of the sustaining work of God as it relates to our work.


Anything to add?

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