Posted by: Brian Musser | September 10, 2012

Prayer 9/10

Dear Heavenly Father, Lord, God Almighty, Maker of Heaven and Earth, Creator of all good things, Lover of my soul, Healer of my heart, Leader of my life, Protector, Comforter, Friend,

Lord, You are awesome and great, good beyond measure.  I can trust fully in your goodness and strength.  You are able to do whatever you wish and you wish to do for me that which is best for my eternity.  You have committed to turn me into the likeness and image of your son.  I give your freedom in my life to do what you will.  Do that which is necessary to create holiness and righteousness out of my life.  Make me into the creation you imagined when you first conceived my name.  That which is in my life that is not like you, sin, forgive me for it and remove it.  Change me.  I want more of you and less of the evil that so often entices me.

Lord, I pray for my wife.  First of all, do not let my sin affect her relationship with you.  Allow her to grow closer to you each and every day.  For the sin that is in her life, forgive her and change her.  Help her to be able to balance all that you have called  her to be.  Give her the ability to thrive as wife, mother, daughter, friend, counselor, employee and all the other roles she has.  Give he Godly dreams and for those dreams to become reality.  Protect her physically.  Do not let sickness and injury come.  Protect her emotionally.  Help her emotions to be an asset and not a hindrance.  Give her patience.  Be her great God in all of these things.

Lord, I pray for my daughter.  Help her to continue to fall in love with you each and every day.  Be her God and as she develops in mind and consciousness help her to continue taking steps into a meaningful relationship with.  Be faithful to her God.  Guide and protect her.  Keep her heart safe from anxieties and worries.  Develop and train her mind to dwell on your things.  Keep her body for injury and/or disease.  Be her God.

Lord, I pray for my colleagues in campus ministry.  Many of them are in the most important weeks of the year.  Give them energy and stamina to get through long days.  Guide and direct them to connect with the students that your Holy Spirit is already working on.  Give them a renewed vision for how you want to impact the campus communities that they influence.  Give the access to the campus, to students, faculty, staff and administration, to churches and resources.  Help others to come alongside them as brothers and sisters in Christ to multiply the work for you kingdom.  Help churches to adopt them as their missionaries into campus communities.  Meet their financial needs.  Give them wisdom when they speak to students or faculty or administration or church leaders or alumni or financial supporters.  Intervene in all that they do so that their presence on campus truly furthers your kingdom.

Lord, I prayer for my friends that don’t know you.  Help me to speak honestly about what I believe.  Help me to communicate the amazing grace that is available through the life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.  Cause them to think deeply about spiritually things, to evaluate honestly where they are in their life in relationship to You.  Prod them with the Holy Spirit often to see how you are calling out to them.  Allow them to put away issues of pride and fear and doubt so that they make the decision to connect with You.  Lord, You have given us free will for a reason.  Help my friends to freely and lovingly bow to the Creator of the universe in repentance, belief and worship.  An help those of us connected to You to do only that which facilitates the connection and nothing that would cause others not to see You for who You are.

Lord, I pray for the students that I am connected with at Drexel.  I pray for my student leaders.  Help them to balance classes, life, ministry and growth well.  Give them the most important ability to prioritize.  Allow them to see that loving You with all their mind so that they can become great professionals for your kingdom is a huge priority.  Let them use their “free” time well to be about your business.  Give them rest and recreation.  Do not allow them to waste their time with events and activities that pretend to be recreation but really are not.  Do not allow them to waste their energy trying to rest and not actually obtaining it.  Help them to grow closer to You.  Guide them in ways to become more Christ-like.  Fill them with the Holy Spirit so that they are truly the aroma of Christ in every situation they encounter.  Help them to do today that which will best prepare them to give You glory tomorrow.  Help them to do today that which will best prepare them to give You glory for the rest of their lives.  Lord, keep them from sin.  Help them to end the painful habits they have already developed.  Bring Godly peers and mentors into their lives.  Bless them and keep them.

We pray all these things in he strong and powerful name of Jesus Christ the one who beat death and if death is no match for Him than nothing in this prayer either.

In Jesus’ name amen.


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