Posted by: Brian Musser | September 11, 2012

Prayer 9/11

Dear Heavenly Father, Lord God Almighty,

Lord, you have always taken care of me.  I have been blessed beyond measure.  When there is need you have provided.  When there is pain you have healed.  When the is chaos you have brought peace.  You have been my faithful so many times when I have been unfaithful.  You have kept all your promises to me.  Lord, I will follow you all the days of my life because nowhere else has life.  I love you Lord and I bow my knee to the Creator and Ruler of all things.

Lord, be with me.  Make me more than I am today.  Remove the evil and sinfulness from my heart.  Renew my mind.  Transform it so that I think on Godly things.  Help thinking about good things be easier.  Help me to create thought habits that naturally flow towards righteousness.  Help me to create lifestyle patterns that make obedience normal and easier.  Help to get better at being your servant.  Slowly and surely change that which is lacking in me into the image of your Son.  I want to be like Christ.

And as I transform into the image of your Son, help that image to greatly influence this world for you kingdom.  Help me to bring your goodness into every area of the world that I touch.  Help me to heal lives with your love.  Help me to touch Drexel with your peace.  Heal me to mend Philly with your hope.  Help me to your servant in every situation that you place me in so that you ultimately get greater glory out of your creation.  Give me the vision to see where and when and what I need to do.  Help me to understand who I need to connect with and how that connection needs to be done.  Give me your wisdom.  Give me the heart of God so that I can use it for your sake.

Compensate for my weaknesses with your Spirit.  Fill me with your power.  Give me the spiritual resources to make an actual difference in the lives of others.  I don’t have it on my own but I was never intended to do this alone.  Humanity was designed to care for this creation not in your stead but with your intimate connection backing their every move.  Lord, give me what I need to get the job done that you have put before me.

Lord, I pray for my wife.  Guide and direct her.  Give her the ability to be successful at everything she does.  Help her to have compassion on all those she works with and for.  Give her great visions of the future and help through your strength to slowly bring those visions into reality.  I pray for her endeavor of starting a private counseling practice.  Give her success.  Help that ministry to truly change the lives of others.  Bring not only clients her way but the exact right persons that she is completely prepared to minister to for your name’s sake.  Help her to thrive as a mother.  Give her wisdom in all that she does for our daughter.  As each day goes by help her to draw closer to you.

Lord, I pray for my daughter.  Woo her.  Help to fall more deeply in love with you each and every day.  Help her to understand a God she cannot see.  Help her to grasp Christ’s sacrifice for her on the cross.  Give her wisdom beyond her years.  Give her the ability to completely commit her life to you in a way that protects her from pains and troubles that many have who aren’t sure of their status with God.  Be faithful to her.  Love her.  Lord, allow me to be the father that she needs.

Lord, there are many people that you have brought into my life that are struggling with their spiritual life.  Help me to guide them in your ways.  Help me to present you in a way that they understand.  Help me to say the right things and back what I say up with how I live.  Give me the ability to truly communicate you to them.  For those that don’t even know if God exists help my to show your reality with my life.  For those who don’t believe that Christ is the Son of God help me to show Christ living in me to prove that He is the risen Lord.  For those who aren’t really interested in connecting with others about their faith help me be the one they see as a connection point.  For those who have put their faith on a shelf or in a box help me to get them to consider how to integrate what they believe into the whole of who they are.  Bring others closer to your presence and allow me to be part of that process.

Lord, I pray for my colleagues that work at Drexel.  Drexel can be a tough environment.  The schedule is quick.  The pace is fast.  The stress is high.  The turnover is rapid.  Please allow a little bit of peace to sit on them in the middle of this chaos.  As we prepare for the beginning of the fall term there are a lot of deadlines and questions and projects that need to be done.  Give us the ability to do all that is asked of us.  Give us true success in our jobs.  Help this to be a blessed year at Drexel.

Lord I pray for the vision you have given me at Drexel.  Help us to develop students into first class Christian leaders that understand how their profession connect to the kingdom of God.  Help me to develop partnerships with churches that truly uses the resources available in local congregations to bless the Drexel community.   Help me to use the access and favor I have Drexel to bless as many as possible.  Help me to create a program that allows international students to be transformed in forces to change the world for you glory.  Allow me to understand the Gospel well enough that I am able to communicate it flawlessly into every context at Drexel.  Help me to inspire others to join me in these things.

I pray these things to the God who has proven himself to be faithful in the past assuming that He will be faithful in the future,

In Jesus, Name Amen.

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