Posted by: Brian Musser | September 12, 2012

Prayer 9/12

Dear Heavenly Father, Lord God Almighty,

You are awesome an mighty.  You are the one you brings into being all that is.  You have created all things.  You have designed all things.  You have ordained all things.  This entire universe is your idea.  How things fit together is the product of your mind.  I can see your great power, your infinite wisdom, your wonderful creativity, your enduring patience throughout that which you have made.  You are rightly to be praised.

Lord, you not only have created on the grand scale but you also know each thing on the intimate scale as well.  You want to be completely involved in every aspect of my life.  You want know me like no one else does.  You want to part of all that I say and all that I do.  You are exceedingly passionate about me so much so that you are willing to die for me.  I praise you for being a God mighty enough to create the universe and loving enough to care about each part of it.

Lord, I am totally dependent upon you.  Keep that dependency foremost in my mind.  Often I start doing things on my own.  I have confidence that I can accomplish great things with the skills and talents that you have given me.  so I strive out on my own power and my own will and I fail or I succeed and grow farther away from you.  Help me to be dependent upon you for all things.  Help me to work in your Spirit.  Help me to take all things to you in prayer.  Help me to trust you more than I trust myself.  Lord, forgive for when I don’t.  Forgive me for those areas of my life  that I am still trying to control on my own.  Forgive me for those independent corners that still exist.  Make them smaller and eventually eradicate them completely.  I love you Lord and submit all aspects of my life under your control.

Lord, I pray for my wife.  Be with her.  Guide and direct her.  Fill her with your Spirit.  As she connects with clients, help to be a conduit of your Spirit directly into their lives.  Help her to not only provide support and good counsel but also a spiritual connection to the Almighty God.  As she tries to develop both the ministry and her own private practice give her access and favor.  Bring those persons into her realm that you have designed for her to connect with.  Draw individuals in that she is intended to bless.  As she works intimately with our daughter help to be the greatest mom ever.  Give her deep wisdom for how to nurture her.  And through all of this draw her closer to you  so that she looks more like Jesus everyday.

Lord, I pray for my daughter.  Thank you for such a wonderful blessing.  Help us to steward her life well as we develop her in a Godly manner.  Give  us wisdom with what to say and do.  Lord, protect her from evil.  Keep her heart safe from the pain of this world.  Help her to truly have a blessed life.  And as she grows meet her each step of the way with an introduction of yourself that is appropriate for the level of understanding she able to handle.  Be God to her in the way a child can fathom.  As she matures help her faith to mature as well.  Love her. Guide her.  direct her.  Make her into your image.  Help us to partner with you to do this.

Lord, I pray for my friends.  Help me to love them as you love them.  Help me through my relationship with them to be able to accurately communicate your love for them.  Help that message of a God who loves so much He is willing to die for them to grab their hearts and minds and to make them bow their knees in awe.  Woo my friends and help me to be a faithful part of it.  Lord, give the wisdom and the boldness to talk about you and your things in appropriate ways.  Help my to know what to say to prod thoughts and open discussions.  Help me to know when to be quiet.  Give me eyes that see needs I can meet for the sake of the kingdom.  Cause me to love more like you love.

Lord, my ministry, my presence on campus and even my family’s well-being is dependent upon the faithful support of those you have led into our lives that believe in our vision and mission.  Thank you so much for our supporters.  Thank you for calling them to join us in this ministry.  Truly bless them.  Give them back what they have sacrificed for us.  Reward them in God-like fashion with exactly what they need.  Lord, but I pray for others to come alongside them to join our team.  We could use some more to help with the ministry.  Call them to be part of your work at Drexel.  Divinely guide them to be involved in what you are doing on our campus.  Show your favor as we strive to impact this campus for your kingdom.

I pray these things in the name of the infinitely strong Jesus the Christ the one who is always victorious, Amen.


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