Posted by: Brian Musser | October 3, 2012

What to Expect at Journey Conversations.

Wednesday 10/3 from 6 – 7:30 PM in the Interfaith Chapel at the James E. Marks Intercultural Center the Interfaith Council will continue their Journey Conversations.  This week we will be learning The Art of Giving and Receiving Our Stories:  An Introduction to compassionate listening and the Journey Conversations Method.  Rev. Brian Musser will be facilitating the first conversation.

It’s Not a Debate.
It’s Not a Lecture.
It’s an Opportunity to Hear and Be Heard.
Join Us to Share Your Story

Journey Conversations is a unique gathering at Drexel in which students, faculty and staff are invited to share with and support one another on the journey of their spiritual lives, whatever that journey may be like for each person. This is not a space for intellectual presentations, debate or critique. It is a space in which participants are asked to share stories from their personal spiritual experience, and a space in which we practice deep listening to and reverence for those stories. The hope is that each participant’s spiritual life will be meaningfully touched by the support, compassion and openness experienced in these shared conversation.

One of the most effective ways to build relationships, increase understanding of others, and consider the purpose and meaning of our lives is to share our stories with one another.  Stories are rich, and become all the richer, when they are told and reflected upon in a caring conversation.  Sharing about our journeys, our spiritual or fundamental life stories, helps us see both the commonality in the midst of our diversity and the distinctive features of our common experiences.  Deeply listening to another’s account of faith and doubt, belief and skepticism, love and fear often inspires us to give voice to our own.  Mutual sharing and reflection on our spiritual journeys has the potential to increase awareness of the presence of the sacred in our own and others’ lives, increase empathy and awareness of “others,” and build compassionate communities even with those with whom we have substantial disagreement.

The purpose of the Journey Conversations Project is to equip and prepare participants for conversations that begin with attention to the meaning of our own personal journeys and continue with consideration of our shared journeys as persons in community committed to working for justice in our world.   A journey conversation creates an occasion to explore life’s big questions in the company of others:  what is sacred in my life, what’s my purpose, what difference can I make?  In a journey conversation participants slow down, turn off their electronic devices, and learn ways of listening within and listening to one another.  Participants embark on a journey of mutual discovery as they share their stories and encourage one another to notice and name what is holy in the midst of the struggles, contradictions, and ambiguities of their lives.  Participants engage in a journey of discernmentas they learn how to ask compassionate questions to help each other notice and name where they find meaning and purpose in their lives.  Our hope is that these personally focused questions may then prompt us to consider collectively our identities, actions, direction, and purpose.

The first week will be an introduction to the overall conversation.  We will be sharing stories focused on the prompt:  Choose a moment, event or experience that has had or continues to have a deep impact on your life and/or the way in which you see the world. 

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