Posted by: Brian Musser | October 8, 2012

Engage24 – 10/11/2012 and Social Media

On this Thursday (10/11/12) students who are followers of Jesus Christ will intentionally be engaging their campuses with the story of Gospel that they believe.  Engage24 is a 24-hour period focused on engaging the world with the good news of Christ.  While Engage24 is intensely focused on a single day of evangelism (10/11/12), our mission is to promote a 24/7 lifestyle of evangelism and engagement with the gospel.

One of the hopes of Engage24 is to effectively use social media throughout the day to create a sense of the Body of Christ sharing their faith on campuses throughout the U.S. and Canada.  As you participate on your campus with Engage24, feel free to connect with us on

Facebook at

Twitter @Engage24 or includes us in your tweets with #Engage24

You can always find more information at our website

Anything to add?

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