Posted by: Brian Musser | October 9, 2012

Engage 24 – 10/11/2012 Prayer

On this Thursday (10/11/12) students who are followers of Jesus Christ will intentionally be engaging their campuses with the story of Gospel that they believe.  Engage24 is a 24-hour period focused on engaging the world with the good news of Christ.  While Engage24 is intensely focused on a single day of evangelism (10/11/12), our mission is to promote a 24/7 lifestyle of evangelism and engagement with the gospel.

Whether you are on campus or not would you spend a brief period of time praying for us.

  • We need to pray that God prepares our hearts to inspire other believing students to join us in sharing the gospel with their peers.
  • We need to pray that God challenges believing students to join Him in His mission to seek and save the lost.
  • We need to pray that God opens doors for opportunities to share the Gospel.
  • We need to pray for boldness and clarity when we do share.
  • We need to pray that our friends truly understand the message of Jesus’ life, death and resurrection.
  • We need to pray that they are willing to accept God’s free gift of salvation.

Thank you for praying.  Please continue to pray for us, today, tomorrow, on Thursday (10/11/12) and even after the day as we continue the conversations started.

Because we are trying to social media to connect this nation wide event if you want to let us know that you have prayed for us you post it on our facebook page or send us a tweet @Engage24.  You can also comment on this page and I will pass it along through facebook and twitter.


Anything to add?

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