Posted by: Brian Musser | December 1, 2012


web-jpegEight years ago, as I was transitioning from a Biologist to a campus minister, I spent a considerable amount of time developing the heart of what I wanted to do on campus.  Two words became the organizing themes: peace and power.  Recently, there has been a growing unrest of the disparity between the original vision and the present reality.

What would it look like for a ministry at Drexel University to be about:

  • individuals encountering the PEACE of Jesus Christ to change their lives and
  • equipping them with the POWER of God to change their world?

Picture1Everybody needs PEACE,  peace with yourself, peace with others, peace in community, peace in the world, peace with God.  A growing relationship with the risen Jesus Christ is the means to that life changing peace.  So how do I facilitate individuals developing that relationship?



Everybody wants POWER, power to change yourself, power to help others, power to heal communities, power to bless the world, the power to overcome evil.  A restored relationship with the Almighty God of the universe is the avenue to that world changing power.  So how do I foster individuals harnessing that power?

And those are the questions that drive me.  For those of you who may have been doing the Baptist Campus Ministry thing for awhile you may be able to see the old school five star campus ministry model in those words.  Peace is intended to be descriptive of the inner journey.  Power represents our outer journey.

To know Christ and to make Christ known.


Anything to add?

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