Posted by: Brian Musser | December 2, 2012

PEACE: Encountering the PEACE of Jesus Christ to Change our Lives

The ministry at Drexel to faculty, staff and administration has been built on two ideas.

  • individuals encountering the PEACE of Jesus Christ to change their lives and
  • equipping them with the POWER of God to change the world.

So how do you encounter Jesus and the PEACE he makes available?  How do we make that PEACE available on Drexel’s campus for everyone who is interested?  There are five areas we work through.

P – Prayer

E – Education in the Word of God (Bible Study)

A – Adoration of the Trinity (Worship)

C – Challenge to be like Christ (Discipleship and Accountability)

E – Engagement in the Body of Christ (Fellowship)

These are not new ideas.  All of them are really old.  They have been the core pieces of the Christian faith throughout the centuries.  The only part that is contextualized is the question about what do these five things look like on Drexel’s campus.  How do we most effectively incorporate prayer and study and worship and discipleship and fellowship into our lives as Dragons?

Anything to add?

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