Posted by: Brian Musser | December 3, 2012

Encountering the PEACE of Jesus Christ to Change Your Life through Prayer

I am approaching my 8th anniversary as the Baptist Campus Minister at Drexel.  February 15th 2005 was the day Jennifer and I received the approval from the North American Mission Board.  It is an easy date to remember because Julianna our daughter was born only two days later.  2005 was a year of beginnings.  I spent a substantial amount of time that year envisioning the core concepts that will under-gird the ministry at Drexel.  It is a good moment in the ministry’s history for me to remind myself of the concepts.  Baptist Campus Ministries is a place where individuals at Drexel can encounter the PEACE of Jesus Christ to change their lives and the POWER of God to change their world.  That PEACE is available through prayer, Bible study, worship, discipleship/accountability and fellowship.

Encountering Jesus Through Prayer:

God is a personal God.  I do not mean that your belief in God is a personal and private part of your life.  When I say that God is a personal God it has nothing to do with you.  God has the characteristics of a person: spirit, will, personality, emotions, wisdom etc.  God as person is much more similar to us than He is to any non-personal object or thing.  God needs to be described by using personal pronouns.  “It” is an inaccurate reference to God.  God introduces Himself as the “I AM.”  God sees reality through the lens of the first person.  The personal nature of God is essential to prayer.

Relationships with others are built on communication.  Our relationship with a personal God is not any different.  There is peace available in a relationship with God but we need to communicate with God to develop that peace.

Simply put prayer is relational communication with the personal God. 

Talking and listening are the foundational aspects of any relationship.  We should not expect our relationship with God to be any different. When was the last time you really talked to God?  When was the last time you talked to God honestly?  When was the last time you set aside time to listen to God?



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