Posted by: Brian Musser | December 5, 2012

The Availability of the PEACE of Jesus Christ through Prayer


“We today yearn for prayer and hide from it.  We are attracted to it and repelled by it.”  Richard Foster – Prayer: Finding the Heart’s True Home

Prayer in its essence is simple.  Prayer is relational communication with the personal God.  Prayer in its essence should be simple.  Some of the most profound prayers contain the shortest amount of words.  God, I need you.  God, forgive me.  God, you are amazing.  God, please be with me.  God, I am yours.  God, what should I do?  God, I am here.  We do not need anything to pray.

God is always available to talk to.  God is always interested in communicating with us.  Prayer takes only the willingness to open up our heart and mind to the ever present God of the universe.  Yet there are some of us who will never do that in our entire lives.  There are others that will only start that conversation under the direst of circumstances.  There are others that will pretend to pray but never actually do so.  And even those of us who have made a life out of following God through Jesus Christ, those of us who swear on the foundational nature of prayer, those of us who sing songs about prayer being as necessary as air, avoid it more often than we would like to admit.

Take a moment right now and quit putting prayer off.  Say something to God.  Say something real.  Say something honest.  And then pause for a moment to listen and see if God has anything to say to you.  And that brief honest conversation with the God of the universe may start a change in your life that brings PEACE.

Anything to add?

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