Posted by: Brian Musser | December 10, 2012

A Prayer Challenge: 21 Days

Most of us want to improve our prayer lives.  Some of us are at the very beginning of our relationship with Jesus.  We feel awkward talking to him.  Others of us have concentrate habits, even though we may start to pray often we hardly ever finish praying. We get distracted by life.  Others are so good in prayer that we have come to realize that we will never come to the end of our journey of getting better at it.  I have never met a growing Christian who was satisfied in their prayer life.

But many of us are not actively working on improving our prayer lives.  If this goal was in another area of our lives we would be going about it much differently.  If the goal was in health or fitness we would have a basic plan of what to do each day to take small steps toward a healthier life.  We would know if today was a successful day or a set-back.  We would be able to track our progress.  If the goal was in our professional life we would have a list of small attainable steps.  We would have a accountability feed back system in place to reward us as we move toward success and to evaluate our failures.  But in our spiritual lives and especially our prayer life we think that voicing the desire to become better at it is enough.

Allow to make a general challenge:  If you want to get better in your prayer life set some basic goals.  You can even use business or work-related ideas as you set these goals.

  • Specific
  • Measurable
  • Attainable
  • Relevant
  • Time-bound

Not knowing where you are in your prayer life I am not going to make a specific goal but just a suggestion.  Pray with the same person over the next 21 days each and everyday.  You may have to use technology (i.e. phone and/or video chat) to make it happen.  If you started tomorrow that means you would pray with someone everyday for the rest of the year.  21 days from now is December 31st.  Would that be a good way to end the year?  Would that improve your prayer life?  If not think about a specific goal that would.

Anything to add?

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