Posted by: Brian Musser | December 13, 2012

Keeping Track of Your Prayers

God answers prayer.  We say that a lot.  Many of us believe it.  Many of us are trying to believe it.

What is the most recent prayer in your life that God has answered?

You may have trouble answering that question.  You may not pray regularly enough to have requests go from momentary whims to thought-out desires for which you are constantly asking God.  You may not pray specifically enough to have requests that can be demonstrably answered.  But most likely, we have trouble remembering answered prayers because we do not keep track of them very well.

It is important to have remembered history of God answering prayer.  His faithfulness in the past is good motivator to trust Him with the future.  Large portions of the Old Testament were remembered to make God’s faithfulness evident.  The Israelites knew that God had done great things in the past.  They had a record of God’s faithfulness throughout history.  When they prayed for God to be faithful once more they had confidence because of His “track record.”

How has God answered your prayers?

Can you name specific prayers that He has answered?

What are you praying about right now?  Keep track of your requests so that you will know when God answers your prayers.  A history of answered prayers will give confidence in God as you pray in the future.  Keep track of the prayers God has answered and use them to remind yourself of God’s continued faithfulness.  Tell the stories of answered prayers to others, not for their sake but for your own memory.  God is the hero of your prayers.  Take the time to remember Him as such.


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