Posted by: Brian Musser | December 16, 2012

Corporate Prayer

It is Sunday.  The day of the were many of us will join a lot more of us for a corporate worship service affectionately know as church.  I have been doing a lot of thinking and posting about prayer recently.  Which brings me to a comment/question.

Have you ever heard of someone joining a church because of how well they pray?

Think about it for a moment.  There is typically a list of reasons people give for why they like their church:

  • Great Worship
  • Meaningful Preaching
  • Good Fellowship
  • Plenty of Parking
  • Children’s Programming
  • Social Activism
  • Coffee and Doughnuts
  • Small Group Ministry
  • They wouldn’t stop inviting me

Have you ever heard of prayer being on that list?  Do you enjoy the corporate prayer moments at your church?  Does anyone?  How do we make them more meaningful?

About a decade ago, I was the associate pastor of a church that had a scheduled intercessory prayer time within the service where the pastor specifically prayed for certain known needs in the congregation and larger community.  I remember feeling the importance of those moments when I was the one praying.  But I also remember wondering if anyone was feeling as connected to God as I was in the moment.  The person voicing the prayer seems so much more engaged in the prayer than anyone else.  I also remember how easily distracted and disengaged I would get when I was not the person voicing the prayer.  This may be a different post than usual.  I’m not sure what the answer is.  I believe we need make corporate prayer a larger priority than what it is in most of our churches.  But I also believe that in order for it to be truly corporate prayer it needs to engage the congregation in a way that is not normal.  I welcome any comments or ideas on this subject.

How do we get better at praying corporately?

What is your best corporate prayer experience?


Anything to add?

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