Posted by: Brian Musser | February 12, 2013

Movie Night – The Dark Knight Rises (Re-Cap)

imagePersonally sharing the story of the life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ with students, faculty, professional staff and administration is a high priority in my ministry.  It is an awesome experience to be able to do that but it is not the most rewarding or the highest priority of my ministry.  On January the 11th I was able to witness why I am in collegiate ministry.

We had a movie night.  Darian Davis is in leadership of Disciples InDeed.  He is also a Digital Media major at Drexel intending to graduate this June and pursue a career in the field of animation.  So in other words, movies are his thing.  Because of Drexel’s educational license we are able to show most any movie we want to as long as we have a discussion relating to the purposes of our organization afterwards.  We decided to show The Dark Knight Rises.  Darian has been given the opportunity to MC many of our large group events.  He has been through our evangelism training and our Bible study that connects faith  and work.  He has also been given the opportunity to share his faith through Soularium on a number of occasions as well.  Darian has taken advantage of many of the opportunities available at Drexel.

IMG954549The day before the movie Darian and I met to go over the discussion we would be having after the movie.  We decided to focus on the themes of

hopes and fears.  We wanted to draw the conversation to the idea that many of the different characters’ hopes and fear revolved around the symbol of Batman.  We wanted to compare and contrast the symbol of Batman in the movie and the person of Jesus Christ in our lives.

On the night of the screening we had about 40 students attend.  Approximately half of the students were regulars involved in our ministry and at least 20 of the students were completely unconnected with what we do on campus.  Darian was our MC for the evening.  After the movie, he led a great discussion about the themes we had discussed.  He was then able to effectively and smoothly transition into a complete gospel presentation that fit perfectly into the context.

IMG957763There are 20,000 students at Drexel.  Most of them need to hear the gospel.  I will never individually be able to share with each and every one of them.  I need to encourage, equip and give opportunity for Christian students to share the gospel with their peers.  Darian was able to do this.  The gospel was shared and a student took a step forward in sharing it.  Secondly, it allowed Darian to connect evangelism with his heart and passion (and probably his future career) for movies.  Not only did a student share the gospel with his peers, but he did it in a way that will be foundational to his future.  He shared the gospel in a context on campus that will allow him to be able to share the gospel in his probable context when he is no longer on campus.


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