Posted by: Brian Musser | February 23, 2013

You Need Help in Your Spiritual Life

35 Days Toward PEACE – Week 5 Fellowship (Day 29)

The goal of this devotional is to develop the spiritual disciplines and habits over the next 35 days that will allow the PEACE of Jesus Christ to change our lives for the better.  Is that what you want?  Are you willing to join me in the journey?

Allow me a moment of review:

  • Week 1 we focused on Prayer and used the Lord’s Prayer to examine what Prayer is to begin training ourselves to have the habit of daily prayer.
  • Week 2 focused on Educating ourselves in the Word of God.  The first 2 weeks together consisted of 14 days of reading Scripture and praying.
  • Week 3 was about the Adoration of the Trinity.  We added a time of Worship to our daily devotional and since this was an online devotional we were able to use YouTube videos.
  • Week 4 discussed the Challenge to be like Christ.  Our Discipleship is a path of becoming more and more like Jesus our savior.
  • Week 5 (this week) we will engage Encouragement from other believers.  We need Fellowship and Accountability to truly connect with the PEACE of Jesus Christ to change our lives.  (I keep adjusting this section of the PEACE acrostic.)

Throughout this devotional I have emphasized several times of the need to be connected to the community of Christ either through the larger congregational body of the church or through in individual accountable relationships.  Allow me again to strongly encourage you to be part of church and to find an accountability partner.  (If you are member of the Drexel academic community I can personally help you get plugged into a church.)  Fellowship within an entire congregation is vital to a Christian’s health this week we are going to focus on accountability which is best practiced within a small group and/or with a partner.

Ecclesiastes 4:7 – 12 (NIV) Again I saw something meaningless under the sun:

There was a man all alone; he had neither son nor brother.
There was no end to his toil, yet his eyes were not content with his wealth.
“For whom am I toiling,” he asked, “and why am I depriving myself of enjoyment?”
This too is meaningless— a miserable business!
Two are better than one, because they have a good return for their labor:
If either of them falls down, one can help the other up.
But pity anyone who falls and has no one to help them up.
Also, if two lie down together, they will keep warm. But how can one keep warm alone?
Though one may be overpowered, two can defend themselves.
A cord of three strands is not quickly broken.

This passage from the book of Ecclesiastes highlights the fact that we were not meant to do life alone.  Teams within sports, military and/or everyday work are important.  Do you have help with your spiritual life?  If you do not please that God will bring someone into your life that will be your teammate in your spiritual development.

As you think about forming an accountability partnership here are 10 question areas that we have found helpful on campus.  These were developed over time after using questions from Character That Counts.  You can use these questions within the accountability times but also it is good to remind yourself daily about what you are be held accountable to.

  1. Have you spent time reading Scripture and in prayer?  Has it been quality?  Do you have any insights to share?
  2. Have you placed yourself in a situation to compromise you sexual morals?
  3. Have you been completely above reproach in your financial dealings?  Have you used your resources to bless other?
  4. Have you spent quality relationship time with family and friends?  Is their anyone you need to reach out to?
  5. Have you managed your time efficiently doing your 100% best (but not over) in your job, school etc?
  6. Have you told any lies or half-truths to unethically benefit?  If yes do you need to correct this lie?
  7. Have you shared the Gospel or had a spiritual conversation with an unbeliever this week?
  8. Have you taken care of your body through daily physical exercise and proper eating/sleeping habits?
  9. Have you allowed any person or circumstance to rob you of your joy?  How have you experienced God’s peace this week?
  10. Have you lied to us on any of your answers today?

Watch the following YouTube video.

  1. Praise God for who He is.
  2. As you review the list above ask God to forgive you for where you have sinned.
  3. Ask God to help you develop an accountable relationship with another Chrisitan.
  4. Ask God to bless others.
  5. Thank God for how His Holy Spirit working on and in us changes us for the better.

Anything to add?

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