Posted by: Brian Musser | March 3, 2013

ANNOUNCEMENT: Finding the PEACE of Jesus is Finished!!!

Over the last two months I have been creating a devotional that concentrates on building spiritual habits in our lives.  The devotional spends a week on Prayer, Scripture, Worship, Discipleship and Fellowship/Accountability.  I call it Finding the PEACE of Jesus.  PEACE is an acrostic for the five weeks:

  • Personal Conversations with God – Prayer
  • Education in the Word of God – Scripture
  • Adoration of the Trinity – Worship
  • Challenge to be like Christ – Discipleship
  • Engagement with other Believers – Fellowship and Accountability

I am pleased to announce that the devotional is completed.  I published day 35 on this site earlier this morning.  You can find the entire devotional on the page at the top or by clicking here.

Although, you can start the journey at anytime at the above page, on April 1st, the first day of the Spring term for Drexel, I will be challenging my students who struggle with spiritual habits to begin the journey with me.  You will be able to follow along either through my facebook posts or twitter links.


Anything to add?

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