Posted by: Brian Musser | March 9, 2013

Work-Ship the Devotional

I enjoyed completing Finding the PEACE of Jesus (A 35 Day Devotional).  That felt like a good genre for this blog-site.  With that said I’m starting off on another devotional journey.  This one might be a little bit more extensive.  Over the next several months I am going to try to transform my thoughts on Work-Ship into a more easily digestible daily-devotional.  I’ve mapped out that it will take 56 devotionals over 8 weeks.  However, I do not promise that those 56 devotionals will be written and posted in the next 56 consecutive days.  But when the I am done the devotional will permanently be made available on the site.  The basic outline for the weeks are:

  • Week One: God Works
  • Week Two: My Father Is An Artist/My Father Is A Janitor
  • Week Three:  My Son Fixes Things/My Son Talks A Lot
  • Week Four:  I’ve Got The Power/Why Is This Wrong?
  • Week Five:  What I Was Made For
  • Week Six:  If Work Is So Important Then Why….?
  • Week Seven:  What Am I Supposed To Do?
  • Week Eight:  Putting God In The Lunch Pail

So starting tomorrow keep your eyes open for Work-Ship the Devotional, I pray that it will be a blessing.


Anything to add?

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