Posted by: Brian Musser | March 19, 2013

A Prayer for Aide During Drexel’s Finals Week

For those of you who are not familiar with the Drexel University calendar we are mostly on a quarter system.  So we have final exams four times a year.  Our Ten week Winter Term just ended and on Tuesday our Winter Finals begin.  As at any College or University finals week is a time of heightened stress and pressure so we greatly solicit your prayers for us in this moment.  This week I will be posting a prayer for some particular aspect of finals each day.  Please take the time to read through them and offer them up to the Lord for us.  If you are part of the Drexel academic community, I may not be as visible in my office this week as I usually am but I will be almost constantly available via email and/or phone.  Contact me if you need me.

Dear Heavenly Father, Lord God Almighty,  Maker of Heaven and Earth, Creator of all things,  Leader of our lives, Lover of our Souls,  Friend, Guide and Comforter,

Lord, we come before You at this time in this place and we ask for your help during finals week.  Help us to understand.  Give us wisdom and knowledge.  Help our learning to be enhanced during this time.  Give us a favor when it come to attaining the skills we are studying.  Lord, we ask that our studying comes with ease.  We ask that the work we put into studying is rewarded by actual learning and retention.  Give us the ability to use our minds, which you have created, to grasp the concepts before us.  Allow us to develop into better learners during this week.  Show yourself to be the Lord of Wisdom as we learn about different pieces of your creation.

As we study, Lord, help us to see the act of studying as a piece of worship to you.  Help us to study in a way so that we are loving the Lord, our God, with all of our mind.  Help us to feel closer to you through our studying than ever before.  Help us to not only be learning but to also be worshiping.  Lord, you are  an amazing God and you deserve our utmost during this week.  You deserve the best our minds can offer you.  Give us the ability to show you mighty this week during our finals.

Lord, do not allow frustration to prevent us from learning to the best of our ability.  Do not allow confusion to distract us from learning.  Do not allow fear and/or timidness to keep us from diving whole-heartedly into the information.  We will get tired this week, do not allow us to use tiredness as an excuse to avoid doing our best.  But also, do not allow us to push ourselves beyond the boundaries of health.  Give us wisdom to know when we have done all we can.

We pray these things specifically, in the name of the savior, Jesus Christ, Amen.


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