Posted by: Brian Musser | March 20, 2013

A Prayer for Peace During Drexel’s Finals Week

For those of you who are not familiar with the Drexel University calendar we are mostly on a quarter system.  So we have final exams four times a year.  Our Ten week Winter Term just ended and on Tuesday our Winter Finals begin.  As at any College or University finals week is a time of heightened stress and pressure so we greatly solicit your prayers for us in this moment.  This week I will be posting a prayer for some particular aspect of finals each day.  Please take the time to read through them and offer them up to the Lord for us.  If you are part of the Drexel academic community, I may not be as visible in my office this week as I usually am but I will be almost constantly available via email and/or phone.  Contact me if you need me.

Dear Heavenly Father, Lord God Almighty,  Maker of Heaven and Earth, Creator of all things,  Leader of our lives, Lover of our Souls,  Friend, Guide and Comforter,

Lord, we come before you at this time and in this place to ask that grant us a little bit of extra peace this week.  Quite often our lives are full of chaos and strife.  Lord, bless us with peace.  Help all the extra details of our lives to be calm this week.  Do not let us get distracted by craziness with our families at home or silly disputes between roommates.  Help Co-op and career searches to be calm during this week.  Help appliances and vehicles and SEPTA and technology to function properly.  I pray that hard drives maintain their consistency for one more week.  A computer crash is stressful enough but during finals week please limit that.  I pray that papers are done right the first time.  I pray that books and tests and information is readily available where it is supposed to be.  I pray that fires and fire alarms are at a minimum.  I pray that our health is blessing and not a thorn.  Lord, because the stress of our academics is so high this week please divinely limit the other stressors that we face.

But Lord, when chaos does strike, give us the ability to maintain our inner peace in Jesus Christ throughout.  Help the chaos to happen around us and not to us.  Help us to be able to cope in valuable and productive ways.  Limit how much the chaos causes us to “freak out.”  Help us to be a person of peace within this stressful environment.  Help others to notice.  Give us the ability to give You glory because of how differently we live this week.  Let others notice the peace Jesus Christ provides in the midst of chaos.

Lord, please help us to limit the stress we cause.  Give us the ability to think about our words and our actions even when we a distracted by test, projects and exams.  Give us the ability to be Christ-like in the midst of adversity.  Give us the ability to bring calmness to our world instead of adding fuel to the already existing fires.  Give us peace but also help us be peace.

We pray these things specifically, in the name of the savior, Jesus Christ, Amen.


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