Posted by: Brian Musser | March 21, 2013

A New Website about Theology and Work

Just wanted to highlight a brand new web resource.  This is the fruition of a program coming from Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary under the watchful eye of Dr. Haddon Robinson.  I’m excited that folks on the Seminary level are theologically looking into work from the Biblical Perspective.  We need so much more of this.  Check it out!


This is the press release that I got a couple of days ago.

March 18, 2013

Today the Theology of Work Project unveils its new website with resources for applying the Christian faith to daily work at The website contains some 500 practical text, video, and audio resources to help people in business, government, research, and every field of work outside the church. The site also aims to help pastors and church leaders equip their members for life in secular workplaces. Over the coming year, the TOW Project expects to expand the website to cover every book of the Bible and the most important topics in contemporary workplaces. At present about 2/3 of the planned articles are online. All the materials on the website are available free of charge.

“We’re focused strictly on what the Bible says about work,” explains Dr. Haddon Robinson, president of the TOW Project. “How can the Bible help people succeed in their work in terms of excellence, ethics, and calling, according to God’s purpose and design.” He adds the website covers a wide breadth of professions, including both paid and unpaid work. The TOW Project’s mission, leadership, processes and history are described at “About the Project” on the website, he says.

Co-chairman Andy Mills says that the TOW Project’s collaborative research process and breadth of coverage makes it distinctive. “I don’t know of any other resource that covers the entire Bible and does it with such a broad team of contributors and editors from across the spectrum of orthodox/historical Christian thought.” He says that about 40 scholars and authors have contributed articles to date. Each article is discussed in depth by the TOW Project’s steering committee of 15 members from around the world, then thoroughly revised in response, discussed again, revised again, and finally — if it passes muster with the steering committee — posted on the website. “As much as possible we want to say, ‘This is what the Christian community thinks this passage of scripture means for the workplace,’ rather than ‘This is what one person or one Christian denomination thinks.’”

“Often the most interesting resources come from the most unexpected places,” says William Messenger, executive editor of the TOW Project. “Who would have thought that the Song of Songs would have so much to say about workplace relationships and employee satisfaction?” he asks, “or that the best example of a manager in the Bible is the Valiant Woman in the Book of Proverbs?” He adds, “I was surprised that Paul’s discussion about yoking oxen in 2 Corinthians would have so much practical guidance for workplace relationships in business today.”

Messenger recommends three ways for newcomers to explore the website. First, take a look at the roadmap “How should we work?” developed by Andy Mills. Second, go to the website at, select a book of the Bible, and read the article about it. Third, for the adventurous, use the Topics, Tags or Search features to explore the website free-style.

Contact: William Messenger, Executive Editor, Theology of Work Project,




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