Posted by: Brian Musser | March 26, 2013

Spring Break Ministry Road Trip Day #3

Hey Everybody,

I’ll be trying to keep you updated on what is going on with our Drexel University Spring Road Trip.  Drexel is on a quarter system so our Spring Break is usually a week or two later than most other Universities.  We take advantage of this by going someplace close by and helping out Campus Ministries in the area.  Last year was our first Road Trip and we went to Pittsburgh and helped our good friends at University of Pittsburgh, California University of Pennsylvania, Carnegie Melon University and on the way back we connected with Penn State.

This year we are headed to the Baltimore area.

  • Sunday –  Johns Hopkins University (JHU)
  • Monday – Towson University (TU)
  • Tuesday  – Anne Arrundel Community College (AACC)
  • Wednesday – University of Maryland Baltimore County (UMBC)
  • Thursday – University of Maryland College Park (UMCP)

Please continue to pray for us as the week progresses.  Today we will be connecting with students at Anne Arrundel Community College.  We have a Soularium Table set up in the student Center.  Soularium is a great spiritual, visual survey tool that gives students the opportunity to begin spiritual conversations with their peers and then transition those spiritual conversations in to evangelism presentations.  Peggy Peek is the Baptist Campus Minister at AACC and will be our contact person for the day.  She is also our host at Lee St. Memorial Baptist Church.

Please pray for:

  • our travel safety,
  • the Soularium Table and the multiple conversations that we will be having during the day.
  • Peggy Peek as she ministers to students at the multiple campuses in the AACC system
  • pray that the students from Drexel, Perryville and AACC are able to work well together for the glory of God.
  • pray that someone makes a commitment to Christ at AACC today.

Check Back Tomorrow For Another Update.


  1. Today was another great day. We spent the day with Peggy Peek the campus minister at Anne Arrundel Community College (AACC). We were able to do a Soularium table in their student center for several hours. We had about 35 spiritual conversations and problem shared the Gospel 20 times during those 35 conversations. We were also able to train Peggy and her student leaders at AACC on how to effectively use Soularium to connect with students.

  2. Now that I am home I feel like this is the day we added the most value to the ministry we were helping. Although we had good days elsewhere, I think our lasting impact was greatest at AACC. It is interesting to learn from Mike McQuitty about how well developed the junior college and community college system has become in MD. 50% of Towson’s incoming class will be transfers with most of them coming from community colleges.

Anything to add?

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