Posted by: Brian Musser | March 27, 2013

Spring Break Ministry Road Trip Day #4

Hey Everybody,

I’ll be trying to keep you updated on what is going on with our Drexel University Spring Road Trip.  Drexel is on a quarter system so our Spring Break is usually a week or two later than most other Universities.  We take advantage of this by going someplace close by and helping out Campus Ministries in the area.  Last year was our first Road Trip and we went to Pittsburgh and helped our good friends at University of Pittsburgh, California University of Pennsylvania, Carnegie Melon University and on the way back we connected with Penn State.

This year we are headed to the Baltimore area.

  • Sunday –  Johns Hopkins University (JHU)
  • Monday – Towson University (TU)
  • Tuesday  – Anne Arrundel Community College (AACC)
  • Wednesday – University of Maryland Baltimore County (UMBC)
  • Thursday – University of Maryland College Park (UMCP)

Please continue to pray for us as the week progresses.  Today we will be concentrating on the University of Maryland Baltimore County area.  We do not have an official presence on this campus but Stepping Stone Church from JHU, that we attended on Sunday, is in the initial stages of launching a church in the area.  We will be doing some surveys and passing out church Easter invitations.

Please pray for:

  • our travel safety,
  • for the Stepping Stone Church plant in the UMBC area
  • Mike McQuitty and others as they try to connect to college students through on campus ministries, church plants and existing churches.
  • pray that the students from Drexel and Perryville are able to work well together for the glory of God.
  • pray that someone makes a commitment to Christ at UMBC and that others show up to church on Easter because of our work today.

Check Back Tomorrow For Another Update.



  1. This is the day that things got a little bit hectic. I was out and about from 9 AM until about 11 PM. So I wasn’t able to update what we actually did in the comments until now. We started the day by sending Ryan home due to illness. He had stomach issues all night. He was planning on leaving in the middle of the day from UMBC anyways but he left early in the morning.
    But we managed to talk Rachel into staying with us for the remainder of the trip.
    We spent the day connecting with students at UMBC. We did spiritual surveys and advertised the Grace Life church plant from 11 AM until about 1 PM. Then we met Rachel’s friend Rebecca and had lunch with her. It was a good connection. After that we prayer walked the campus. At about 3:30 we met up with Mike McQuitty again. Rachel who is transferring into Towson next Fall was able to spend some time connecting with Mike who is ministering on the campus.
    After a short break we went with Mike to a small group Bible Study of young adults from the Stepping Stone Church on JHU’s campus that is launching the Grace Life Church near UMBC. It was a good time of fellowship. We were able to pray with them as they plan to launch the church this Sunday, Easter.

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