Posted by: Brian Musser | March 31, 2013

I Am the Walking Dead (Thinking about Easter)

Romans 5:10 (NIV) For if, while we were God’s enemies, we were reconciled to him through the death of his Son, how much more, having been reconciled, shall we be saved through his life!


Why were we enemies of God?  God created everything and everyone.  Everyone is God’s creation.  Shouldn’t God love his creation?  If we were created by God shouldn’t God love us?  God does love us and that is why I am His enemy.  You see, not only am I loved by God, but also my neighbor is loved by God.  My classmate in middle school that I made cry from bullying him consistently throughout is loved by God.  That person on I-95 whose life I put in danger by driving like a maniac is loved by God.  That woman whom I lust after turning into an object instead of a person is loved by God.  That homeless man whom I deny the right to even be treated as a human being when he approaches me is loved by God.  All those broken people left in the wake of my own selfishness are creations of God whom I have have damaged and destroyed.

Not only does God love His creation, but He is responsible to protect and defend His creation.  God must provide true justice for us.  In order for God to provide justice for His creation, I must be punished.  It is the only just thing to do.  God’s righteousness, holiness, justice and love require that I be punished for how I have wronged those created by God.  We believe that parents are responsible to provide for their children and God is responsible to provide justice for His creation.  In order for God to show love to you He must punish me.  I am an enemy of God.


My punishment requires my death.  God is our creator who initiated our lives but also sustains our lives.  If I am an enemy of God, that has separated me from God.  Separation from God is separation from my source of life.  Can you imagine if your friend was still hanging out with the person who tried to kill you?  For love’s sake God must separate Himself from his enemies.  This separation leads to my immediate spiritual death.  I may still be physically breathing but my soul is eternally dead.  I am the Walking Dead.  Sin leading to death is punishment but it is also the way things are.  God is life.  Sin separates me from God.  Sin separates me from life.  That is about as logical of a conclusion as you can have.

While I am still an enemy of God, I am dead.  Can God forgive me and still provide justice for those I have wronged?  No and Yes.  Because of my sins God must kill me.  I must die and God must do it.  However, if I identify with Christ’s death on the Cross I do die.  Through Christ’s death the old sinful self that is me, the enemy of God, can die.  Christ’s death becomes my death.  God can provide justice for those I have wronged through my death.  God must execute me.  I have my choice of executions.  I can die through Christ or I can die on my own but I must die.


I have chosen to die with Christ.  I have been united with Christ in His death.  Christ’s death has become my death and my death has become Christ’s death.  This is the amazing part of Easter.  Christ rose again from the dead!  Since I have died, I have been punished by God.  Separation from God that my sin caused is no longer a problem.  Since I have been united with Christ through His death, I also can be united with Him through his resurrection.  The old sinful me died with Christ.  I am a new creation, resurrected with Christ in His new life.  God has found a way to punish my sin and forgive me the sinner.  He has found a way to kill me and then bring me back from the dead.  I am made new through Christ’s resurrection.  I have been reconciled to God through Christ!  Because Christ’s death is my death, Christ’s resurrection and life now become my life.  Praise to God for EASTER!

Anything to add?

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