Posted by: Brian Musser | April 8, 2013

one last chance for the vision trip

A great article explaining Campus Ministry from a Missions Context. I love the site in general but this might be my favorite post ever.

Exploring College Ministry blog

Since it’s the last day of this year’s NCAA Tournament – and it’s been such a great one – I wanted to post this one last time! Hopefully it’s an encouragement for you, for those who oversee you, and for your supporters about WHY collegiate ministry is so awesome.


Before engaging a people group for the cause of Christ, individuals or organizations often take a Vision Trip to survey the land: A group of pastors might take a Vision Trip to Cambodia to consider sending groups on short-term trips; a couple might spend a week in Kenya to determine if God is calling them to spend the rest of their lives there.

So imagine, if you will, taking such a trip. You’ve heard reports that the need here is critical, that these people are still largely unreached for the gospel… So you take a Vision Trip to observe, pray…

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