Posted by: Brian Musser | May 8, 2013

10 Ways to Blow it from Examples Who Did.

I found this in the archives.  Some of the references are dated so our students may not get them but campus ministers probably will.

10) The Barry Bonds – No matter how successful you are if your head gets too big it will affect the way people see you.

Ministry principle: Arrogance, pride and conceit can damage a successful ministry and/or minister.

9) The Lindsay, Britney and Paris – Not all publicity is good publicity and don’t embarrass your parents.

Ministry principle: You represent more than just yourself. The ministry, other ministers and even the gospel will be judged by your choices.

8) The David Beckham – You cannot single-handedly save the sport.

Ministry principle: Although, you are an important asset to the ministry you are not God’s gift to that campus. He can and will reach students with or without you.

7) The Tom Cruise – Do not make a fool of yourself by falling in lust.

Ministry principle: If a developing relationship is causing you to break established boundaries, decorum, damaging your testimony or limiting your ministry ability seriously evaluate the maturity and depth of that relationship.

6) The Rosie O’Donnell – Don’t pick a fight with the big dog or you’ll hear “You’re fired.”

Ministry principle: Administration, faculty, pastors and other area leadership should be respected.

5) The Oprah – Don’t start a cult.

Ministry principle: The campus needs Jesus not you. If you find more people are following you than they are Jesus then you have a major problem.

4) The Mike Tyson – No biting your opponents. No biting anyone else.  Just No Biting.  It’s that simple.

Ministry principle: Do not purposely attack those who disagree with you i.e. other religious groups on campus, other Christian groups or those with different political, social, and ethical opinions.

3) The Martha Stewart – No matter how good the advice is or who the advice comes from make sure the idea won’t put you in jail.

Ministry principle: Make sure everything you do is biblical, ethical and legal.  Prison ministries are usually not started by inmates.

2) The Terrell Owens – The quarterback, coach and owner are your friends.

Ministry principle: Those who have been on the ministry team longer than you should be seen as your allies and not your competition. Your supervisor is your friend.

1) The Mike Vick – Be nice to animals. One mistake could ruin a career.

Ministry principle: Although there is grace and forgiveness for our sins through Jesus Christ quite often one sin/mistake can have many negative consequences for the ministry and your ability to minister.

Honorary Mention:
The Ben Roethlisberger – Even if it isn’t required by state law wear your helmet.

Ministry principle: Be as smart as possible in ministry. Do things to protect yourself from sin, accusations and any appearance of evil.


Anything to add?

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