Posted by: Brian Musser | June 11, 2013

A Prayer for Wisdom and Success During Finals Week

Dear Heavenly Father, Lord, God Almighty, Maker of heaven and earth, Creator, Sustainer, Lover of our souls, Healer of our hearts, Friend, Comforter,

Lord, be with us as we walk into finals week at Drexel University again.  Help us to study hard and to have wisdom.  Help us to use our time well and to study those pieces of information that are critical for mastery of the subjects for which we will be tested.  Give us the ability to ignore irrelevant information.  Give us the ability to discern the difference.

Give us the wisdom to say “no” to those activities and distractions that will detract from our performance this week.  Give us the wisdom to know when we need a distraction to help reduce the pressure, anxiety, stress and/or fatigue that we are under.  Give us the ability to tell the difference between necessary distraction and unnecessary ones.  help us to enjoy our times of rest and relaxation.  Help them to re-invigorate us.  Help us to sleep and to sleep well.  Help the sleep that we do get this week to be quality.  But help us to transition out of times of rest and relaxation quickly back into the heart of preparation.

Lord, as we study give us success.  Help us to learn, relearn, remember and reinforce what we have been working on throughout this term.  Let the effort we put in result in actually retention on the day of the exam.  Let the production of projects be fluid.  Help the work to flow without major hindrances, side-tracks and/or retracing our steps.  Give us success in so much as the first time we do something is also the only time.

Lord, protect the rest of ours lives this week so that the stress that we feel during finals is not compounded by other stressors.  Grant us the mercy that our families, friends, jobs, co-ops, housing situations, romantic involvements and the list could go on, do not detract from our ability to perform this week.  Give us the ability to handle our personal conversations and encounters with extra grace so that the tension finals puts all of us under is not compounded by the chaos of arguments and misunderstandings.  In this time of stress give us your peace.

And as we study help us to keep the big picture in place.  Help us to put each assignment and each project and each test and each page of notes in the context of your kingdom.  Help us to be reminded how we are planning to use this degree to do great things in the world for your kingdom.  And help those thought to motivate us forward.

We pray these things in the strong and powerful name of Jesus Christ, the One who reigns victoriously over death, amen.


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