Posted by: Brian Musser | June 14, 2013

A Prayer for Perspective During Finals Week

Dear Heavenly Father, Lord God Almighty,  Maker of Heaven and Earth, Creator of all things,  Leader of our lives, Lover of our Souls,  Friend, Guide and Comforter,

Lord, as we come before you at this time and in this place, bless us with the ability to put this week into perspective.  Through success and failure, help us to be able to trust that our identity rests in You and not in our performance.  Remind us that we are valuable as creations of the almighty God no matter A or B, no matter Pass or Fail.  Help us to be firmly rooted in our faith that Christ’s life, death and resurrection permanently reconnects us to the love of God and nothing can separate us from your love.  Lord, be our true treasure this week in whatever might happen.

Lord, but I also pray that we are able to rightly view the importance of our work this week.  Help us to work well knowing that you care about everything we do.  You want us to become as great as you have made us to be.  You want us to use our minds to the best of our ability.  Help us, because of who we are in You, to care about how we make you look through the effort we give this week.  Give us the perspective that every hour we put in studying is an hour that we are worshiping the God who loves us so much that He would die for us.  Do not let our studying and performance drive our identity but let our identity in You drive our studying and performance.  Get your glory through us at all times but especially this week.

Lord, allow us to connect our studies and our future careers to who we are as persons, so that we are not just trying to pass a physics class but that we a preparing for our role in your world.  Help us to have meaningful and purposeful lives.  Help what we do at Drexel to directly connect to that meaning and those purposes.  Give us the ability to get through because we know where we are going.  A Drexel education will not provide us with purpose but it can be an extremely useful tool in fulfilling our God-given purpose.

We pray these things specifically, in the name of the savior, Jesus Christ, Amen.


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