Posted by: Brian Musser | August 30, 2013

Prayer for Finals

Most of you College folk are just getting started in the Fall semester.  Here at Drexel we are winding down the Summer term.  Quarters just make everything more fun.  Please remember to keep us in your prayers.  Finals are finals no matter what month they come in.

Dear Heavenly Father, Lord God Almighty, Maker of every good thing, Leader of our lives, Lover of our souls, Healer, Comforter, Friend, Guide and Director.

Lord, be with at this moment.  Help us through.  Help us to use the limited number of hours ahead of us this week effectively and efficiently.  Allow distractions to be ignored.  Keep chaotic, time consuming life problems at bay for this week.  Give us the ability and the environment to focus.  Help our efforts to be fruitful.  May we retain the things read.  May we understand the concepts required.  May we grasp the underlying principles so that there is a solid foundation to do the work.  May exam questions and materials study match up.  May we have the wisdom to review that exact information that will be necessary for us to reproduce during the tests.  Give us the ability to divide our time wisely between the multiple classes.  

But also allow us moments of relaxation, rest, replenishment, rejuvenation.  Help us to understand when sleep is more necessary and beneficial than cramming.  Help us to live off of real food instead of caffeine and sugar.  Help us to realize that our brains may be more efficient if given a moment to decompress.  Give us the wisdom to discern between needed rest and silly distractions.  Help us not to use tiredness as an excuse to avoid what is necessary.

Lord, keep anxiety and pressure and stress from diminishing our abilities.  Stress can be a great motivator.  Help it to motivate us to achieve beyond our normal level.  Help pressure to push us beyond our normal limits.  Help us to succeed in doing great things this week.  But stress when it leads to anxiety can be a detractor from performance as well.  Keep us from panic.  Deliver us from confusion.  Help us to be motivated and not overwhelmed.  Allow the pressure to push us and not break us.

But in all of this allow us to keep in mind that our value is governed by you and not our performance.  We are valuable in your eyes no matter what happens this week.  Our worth is found in the favor of the God of the universe and not in the grades on a paper.  Help us to remember this.

And we pray all these things in the strong and powerful name of Jesus Christ, Amen. 


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