Posted by: Brian Musser | December 9, 2013

Finals Week Prayer Requests Fall Term 2013 at Drexel

Today starts Finals Week at Drexel University and many other colleges and universities throughout the world.  Typically I try to post a prayer for the students taking finals each day of the week.  There are many examples of these prayer already posted on this blog-site.  For this week I’m going to list some basic prayer requests to guide us as we pray.

Finals Week Prayer Requests Day 1

1.  Diligence – Please pray that students are able to diligently study and work hard.  Pray that they have the energy and motivation to put in the effort needed to perform well.  It has been a long term.  Most of the students are at some level of exhaustion.  Please pray that they are able to go hard for one more week and get through.

2.  Perseverance – Please pray that students are able to persevere through the difficulties.  Pray that they are able to keep going when material does not makes sense at first.  Pray that they continue when at first they seem to not be retaining the information.  Pray that they are able to try again even when the studying is not as fruitful as they would like.  And if today is a bad day, and the exams are difficult pray that a bad start does not create a downward spiral for the rest of the week.

3.  No Distractions – Please pray that the rest of life leaves students alone for this week.  Pray that the chaos that could come from families or finances or employment or health concerns or romantic relationships or friendships is not a negative factor at this time.  Pray for peace in the other areas of life so that the students can focus on their work.

4.  Time Management – Please pray that students are able to manage their time well.  Pray that they have wisdom in knowing when they need to sleep, when they need to eat, when they need to relax and when they need to push hard.  Pray that they rest well in order to replenish their energy.  Pray that they are able to transition from rest to work seamlessly.

5.  Overcoming Anxiety – Please pray that the overwhelming obstacle that can be exam week does not create a sense of fear and dread within the students.  Pray that they are able to handle the stress well.  Pray that the pressure motivates and does not immobilize.  Pray that anxiety does not interfere with cognitive functions such as memory, retention and recall.

Since this is the first term of a new academic year please keep first year students in mind as you pray.  This is their first experience with Finals Week.  Also if you want us to say any specific prayer for you or yours this week do not be afraid to list them in the content section.  And I know it would bless students to know that you are praying for them so let us know that as well.


Anything to add?

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